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made with love: doily snowflake garlands

by Grace Bonney

photo 1
Snipping paper snowflakes is my all time favorite holiday craft, best practiced while listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat. When you swap out the usual printer paper for paper doilies, the resulting snowflakes look extra lacey and ephemeral. String them together with clear fishing line and your suddenly transported to a winter wonderland not usually experienced by a short on time/short on money holiday decorator like myself. –amy m.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

What you’ll need:

– paper doilies in several sizes

– small, sharp scissors

– fishing line

1. Fold doily in half and then half again.

2. Fold in half one more time, so doily resembles a slice of pie that is 1/8 of the size of the original size.

3. Go wild snipping designs into your snowflake, making sure to entirely cut off the folds on either side. If you need more help, this site is really helpful for novices.

4. Unfold and iron. Cut a length of fishing line and weave across each snowflake to create a garland.

photo 2
photo 3
photo 4

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  • Oh, so sweet and romantic. This is my favorite holiday decoration too – stirs childhood nostalgia and happy memories of a beloved school teacher. Thanks for the reminder, inspiring me to listen to some festive music and to snip, snip, snip.
    Happy Holidays to you all….

  • These are great! I adore paper snowflakes! There’s a critical error in your instructions though. You should change it to read, “…making sure NOT to entirely cut off the folds on either side.”

  • This is a great idea and I can’t wait to run out and buy some doilies to try it out.

    Paper snowflakes are so fun to make, I am totally addicted!

  • I need to conjure up some holiday spirit and string one of these together. I love how they’re old school-charming and modernly pretty at the same time.

  • noooo way! i have been making this for our living room- what a coincidence!! they look lovely!

  • HM, I’ve found them in craft stores (like Michaels), supermarkets, walmart. They’re usually either in the craft section or the baking section.

    These are so clever! What a difference the material makes.

  • I made these last weekend and used them to decorate a buffet table. I just scattered them over a red tablecloth. It look fabulous! Now I’m going to string them to make a garland. Thanks for this awesome DIY project!

  • I cut some snowflakes from printer paper this year — about 15 of different sizes, from 4 inches to 8 inches in diameter. I ironed them to flatten out the folds, then took them outside on a still day. One at a time, I sprayed them with spray adhesive (bought at Michael’s), then immediately, before the glue dried, put it on a sheet of waxed paper, sprinkled with very fine white “glitter” that almost glowed (bought at Hobby Lobby). When it was dry, I knocked the excess glitter off onto the waxed paper so I could dump it back into the little bottle.

    After doing all of them on one side, I did the same thing on the backs. When they were completely dry, I tied a piece of transparent filament thread (found in the beading section), and taped one end to the ceiling in a corner of my living room. I hung them at different heights, with the sizes mixed randomly. We thought it looked pretty and festive, and even my young adult kids (whom I thought might think it was stupid) commented on them.

  • They look lovely. But I just like to comment about the “hexagon” property of snowflakes..I hope artists will show/present nature as it is (of course without jeopardizing the beauty).. Thanks!

  • Doilies are getting huge in the wedding world – and everywhere else. Love this easy tutorial, highlighted it on my blog. Thank you for all you do!

  • Read the directions and I was looking for a winter decoration that I could put up after Christmas came down. I haven’t tried stringing them yet. It is difficult to keep them from all clumping together ?

  • Hi! I live in Mexico, actually in Cancun where is very hot, so you can imagine we just do not have snow for Winter so obviously we never do snowflakes, now i have to make them for a proyect and I find your blog really useful, I have a question: how do you iron them? Won’t they burn? Sorry about the question but I just can’t imagine myself ironing a piece of paper, hahaha.

  • Make snowflakes with my little ones every year in school _never thought of using doillies !! Will be trying them out before the end of the week !! Thanks