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living in: the graduate

by amym

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The Graduate really has a lot going for it. Not only does it display knockout acting, a pitch perfect Simon and Garfunkel score and, dare I say it, a dreamy Dustin Hoffman: the movie radiates a sweaty 1960s Los Angeles that has even the most adamant east coaster clamoring for a some poolside sparks. Just a tiny bit of Mrs. Robinson’s devilish elegance wouldn’t hurt, either.

[image above, clockwise from top left: vintage French floor lamp,leopard print coat $156, mirror compact $5, Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel $1.29, rotary phone $50, black stockings $6, slipper chair $1450, sunglasses $350, starburst clock $80]

still 2
Still 3
roundup 2
Rule #1- If you are attractive but mature neighborhood mother intent on seducing a much younger man- do not let him meet your gorgeous and innocent 20 year old daughter. Even though Mrs. Robinson’s bungalow bar is the height of 60s sleek and oozes sex appeal at every turn, it wasn’t enough to keep boy toy Ben (Hoffman) from snapping to his senses. So maybe this isn’t so much a movie to aspire to live in- let’s just emulate the art direction and do without the inter-family love triangle, okay? –amy m.

[image above, clockwise from top left: palm leaf wallpaper,martini set $18, pendant lamp $368, chain link bracelet $115, Lucite and leather vintage stools $3800 for set of 3, hoop earrings $75, nickel bar cart $1000, vintage brass mirror $2200]

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  • Oh you can say it, Dustin Hoffman is adorable in that movie.

    Your pics are so perfect, without seeing the movie title it would have been easy to guess.

  • Love it! The Graduate is one of my absolute favorites. Amy’s commentary is great and, as always, so are the suggestions!

  • ELAINE!!! Oh god, I’ve seen this film so many times it’s ridiculous. I always wanted to look (not be!) like Anne Bancroft’s Mrs Robinson or Katharine Ross’s Elaine, but I end up dressing like Dustin as Ben every day…

  • The original desperate housewife, Mrs Robinson. What a classic. I even love Elaine’s Berkley wardrobe… but applaud your selections for this piece!

  • Love love love this one; I indulged in a vintage leopard swing coat a few years ago that I plan to wear in my Mrs. Robinson years. P.S. I was watching The Shining last night and thought it would make a splendid “Living In.”

  • I had a feeling you would do this movie next…
    LOVE this movie, and all the decor you pulled from it…

    I think out of the last few living ins, I could really live in this one..
    I live in Los angeles, and my house is a modern 50s-60s home…so this screams my style.

    actually, alot of the stuff above I already own..I have a floor lamp that looks very similar, I have a chrome and glass tea cart from the 50s, I have the exact slipper chair with the same feet except its in a different color, I actually have white modern leather barstools (although not as gorgeous, and the second I saw those I wanted them, except for the price), I have the phone but in brushed nickel (from pottery barn), I have a few lucite pieces already…and vintage 60s sunglasses….

    Im only missing the wallpaper, gold mirror and clock…and my dinningroom is already painted the same color as the leaves in the wallpaper (its called cacti in Velspar paint)…so it appears I have a peeping tom and that person writes these posts lol.

  • Oh yes. This is my absolute favorite movie ever, and you’ve done a fantastic job. Agreed with the other girls here who claim Robinson as their icons – fashion-wise, at least!

  • I love these posts, keep them coming!!!! I’d love to see what you would pick for the 1997 Alfonso Cuarón version of Great Expectations. The Dinsmore mansion could be weirdly inspiring.

  • Oh, this is great. I just love it! When I saw this movie for the first time at like 14, I vowed I would someday have a bar in my house with that same round “Bar” sign. So far, I’m still looking. :)

  • Excellent! Just saw this again, and fell in love again. Ben’s parents house is like science fiction awesome.

  • FYI,
    Did anyone know that the “leg” picured above in a still shot of a little known model named Linda Gray aka Sue ellen Ewing from ” Dallas”? Yes indeed. She was paid practically nothing for this. Did not know that it was to be used as the iconic leg pix for the movie cover.

  • I was surprised to find out a few years ago that Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft were actually just 5 years apart in age: 30 & 35!
    Yes, Dustin was a cutie. (“Let me out!)