kristen wicklund

i’m really excited to check out this show in manhattan later this week: designer kristen wicklund is showing a beautiful collection of crocheted cotton lace dipped in liquid porcelain. after kristen dips the lace in porcelain she fires it in a mold; during the firing the fiber burns out completely and leaves a (gorgeous) hollow porcelain shell of lace.

the show is taking place at greenwich house pottery until december 20th, so if you’re in town for the holidays, be sure to check it out! thanks, kristen!

*stay tuned for another dipping-related diy project today at 12! the biz ladies will be back next week



WOW! How completely creative + beautiful! So pretty, thank you for sharing,

{ Lindsey }


i NEED one of these, does she have an online shop? They are just gorgeous!



i couldn’t find a site, but you can email her via flickr or contact greenwich pottery about buying a piece on display :)



that blows my mind… how each detail gets covered well enough to hold it all together, but doesn’t look clumpy… wonder how many end up in the trash bin? Thanks for sharing!


Those are wonderful! I like how they keep the knots and texture of the crochet.

They remind me of these antique porcelain figurines my nana has, they have “lace” on their gowns that is made the same way. It always fascinated me.


These are stunning! I wonder if there is a DIY way to make something similar looking? Kind of a-la record bowls made in the oven? Hmmm….I’ll have to think on that. If anyone has a suggestion or an idea….


What a great idea!!! I love the color of that wall. This would look perfect in a little girls room as well! Great Job!!!!


Does Kristen also make the doilies before glazing and firing them? This sort of art makes me truly appreciate the skill involved! Some things I look at and think, “I could do that.” But this, this is a craft obviously honed by a truly talented artist. BRAVO!


This sort of “pottery” is always interesting to see whether it’s a type of fabric or crochet.

It’s very basic and requires no skills however, but for the dipping into liquid clay , it’s been around forever.

Kim N

These are really beautiful, Kristen. The display must have been quite amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. Bon travail… Buen trabajo…