kathryn m. ireland: tangier

back in my h&g days (man i miss that magazine), one of the things i loved about working there was being exposed to the types of companies that i wouldn’t normally find on my own. one of the ones i loved most was kathryn m. ireland. i did a story on kathryn’s textiles for the website and have been clinging to a clipping of a chair she reupholstered in red and white fabric for years. so when i starting thinking about a new coverlet to go with our red and white headboard, i immediately turned to kathryn’s collection.

i’ve always been a fan of the pattern-on-pattern look, and have been dying to mix in another red and white pattern, but in a different style and scale, into our bedding. so i’m thinking about making some sort of coverlet out of the red fabrics in kathryn’s tangier collection. then i started digging deeper into that series of textiles and found at least 5 others i’d like to use throughout the house. i love the simple geometric patterns and triangles used in tangier and am excited to see how they pair in person with my mexican otomi fabric. until my samples arrive (i’ll be sure to show you how it works out!) you can click here to check out kathryn’s full collection online.



ooooo.i love these also. nice find. ps- hope you are feeling ok and your dr. visit goes smoothly.

Michaela at The Gardener's Eden

Beautiful. I have to admit, I didn’t know Kathryn M. Ireland’s name until just the other day, (her work was featured on another blog I read). I also didn’t know the H&G – D*S connection. I should have guessed ! I loved H&G too. Especially the G part.
:) Michaela


beautiful Grace.
Another fabric I recently came across by Rose Cummings will work very nicely for you too. It’s pattern- Gustav color redhttp://www.dessinfournir.com/view.php?item_id=2355&company=&category=&start=1&keyword=5588&limit=&fabric_string=#product_view