jennifer squires

in the chaos of the holiday season i cherish quiet moments where you can stop, think and take everything in. these photographs from jennifer squires remind me of exactly that. jennifer’s new series of seascape shots were all taken while sitting alone on the beach waiting for the sun to rise. i love the sense of silence in each photo- looking at them immediately takes me away to a place where i don’t have to listen to honking car horns or loud holiday shoppers on my street. jennifer says she is “grateful for every day that i get to spend capturing the beauty of the world with my camera” and i think that comes through in each shot. click here to view (and shop) jennifer’s work online.



great photos. the b/w at the lake reminds me of summer camp, so many years ago. i can hear the lifeguard’s whistle.


I recently bought her 2010 desktop calendar from Etsy specifically to bring a little bit of serenity to the otherwise hectic days! =)


WOW. I love the stark-ness. It’s just like you said: it really makes you stop and think, gives you that feeling of a moment to yourself. Lovely.


How lovely these photos are!! I love that they are just as striking in black and white as they are in color!


there is an amazing sense of peace and solace in these images, i’m very attracted to photography like this especially as someone who lives in the city and misses the peace of living in the country. this kind of work takes me right back into the kind of spiritual silence that i can only find in certain wild spaces. i’ll have to check jennifer’s work out!

Alice at Simply The Nest

I love these images. I find them intensely (and unusually) neutral. I feel that the viewer can really imprint their point of view on the picture – for example, you could interpret these photos as serene, stark, lonely, peaceful, depending on your frame of mind at the time. Lovely work.