happy holidays + happy new year!

ac and i are settling in down south to celebrate the holidays so i’m it’s about time to close up shop here at d*s for the holiday break. each year i give our hard-working editors a week-long break between christmas and new year’s eve, so we’ll be taking a winter blogging break between today and january. we’ll return on january 4th with regular posting and a brand new d*s desktop calendar for january from artist julia rothman!

there’s so much excitement going on for 2010 (a layout redesign for d*s, the d*s book, new columns, biz ladies tours, and more!) that i can’t wait to hit the ground running. until then, i wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support this year. you guys are the reason we get to do what we love each day, and all of us here at d*s are truly thankful for your readership. thank you and happy holidays. best wishes for a wonderful new year- we’ll see you on monday, january 4th!

*ps: this beautiful holiday fireplace before and after comes from danielle thompson. click here to check out more on her makeover.

*if you’re looking for more d*s over the break, don’t forget to check out some of the great content our editors have produced in the archives below:


Candida Drew-Prior

Happy Christmas Grace from C in Hong Kong! Have a wonderful week off and I’ll be looking forward to more from d*s in the new year.


Love this before and after the white mantel is so dreamy and gorgeous! happy holidays!

Katrina Lynn

Cute fireplace, but I actually like the original better! Oh well! :)
Thanks for keeping me entertained during 2009! Looking forward to 2010!


merry christmas and happy holidays to you and your entire team! design*sponge provides so much inspiration – can’t wait to see what comes next!


Merry Christmas from Indiana, Grace, and thanks for a lovely 2009. All of you dear design girls on the “internets,” I just love you so…
All the best in the New Year,



what a bold makeover! i love it! takes guts to paint brick; turned out great :) amazing how such brilliant colors can also carry a serene vibe.

Amy Cox

Love the wreath – might have to attempt a tissue paper version – thanks for design sponge for 2009 – all the best for 2010. Keep on inspiring us!


Such fun colors! Katrina Lynn said that she liked the first fireplace better. In some ways I agree with her. The trinkets on the mantle go better with the new fireplace, but I really liked the green garland on the first one. Still, good job on all counts! And I want that wreath!


Love, love, love the wreath – please share the secret! I desperately want to make one!


I actually like the before better. Not a fan of painted brick… It will look dated some day.


What a beautiful post! Happy holidays and thank you for a wonderful year – full of inspiration…


I’ve been reading d*s since fall 2004 — can’t wait to see what comes next!

Vancouver, Canada

Sorcha Gillett

Absolutely stunning! I am such a big fan of your amazing blog, so innovative and inspiring, looking forward to more great features in 2010. Happy new year to you all :)


I’m excited about your new plans for 2010. Your website is one of my favourites. Enjoy your holiday.


ugh I cant wait till jan 4….every one of my favorite blogs have been unupdated (is that a new word? It needs to be used from now on) and im going into withdrawls…

I can only take so much huffingtonpost…everytime I go on its one scary headline after another, I need design sponge…..I need it now!!!

maggie may

hi there! i have a dark brick fireplace like the one in the first picture that i have decorated and like, but i’d like to know how to hang pictures on the brick.

anyone know? :)

Jennifer Richard

I would love to know how to make that wreath!!!!! Any idea if that will be posted soon?