gift packaging download + felt acorns

my favorite part of gift giving is the packaging- sometimes i almost like the wrapping better than the gift itself. so i was happy to see this cute downloadable gift wrapping template from karen at maggie makes. just download your cute little branch sleeve, print, fold and customize the name for your recipient. you could even embroider the name on with thread for a little something extra. click here for the download.

also, if you’re loving those little felt acorns above as i much as i am, you can order them right here on etsy from artist reya veltman. thanks, karen!


my sentiments exactly about wrapping gifts!! drooling over the acorns too. thank u for the lovely template!


I just love this. Those felted acorns are so pretty! Have a good holiday.


isnt that a martha stewart craft? I swear Ive seen her make them…I know she has done tons of stuff with acorns, I might be thinking of that acorn lantern she did not to long ago…

these are still realy cool, and would be awesome christmas ornaments.


I agree with all of you!! Haven’t seen anything cuter this holiday season…would love to give these to my grandkids!!


Oh hello there! What a lovely surprise to see my acorns here. Thank you so very much.