d*s 2009 gift guides: under $50

today the budget-friendly gift guides continue with a roundup of 40 great gift ideas under $50! yesterday we focused on gifts under $25, and today we’ll up the budget, but just a tiny bit. each of these ideas will set you back $50 or less and will still provide plenty of chances for you to customize the gift or add something homemade to it to make it even more special. i hope you’ll enjoy the roundup and are able to find something for someone on your holiday list this year!

[image above, clockwise from top left: hidden storage book boxes $44, frame placemats $36 for 4, wire drop shelf $36, wine tote $12 (fill with a nice bottle for a budget-friendly gift), kate spade thermos $30 (call store to order), cast metal animals $26 (can be used at cute desktop bookends), snake trivet $38, furturtle gomez print $28, handmade oval wire basket $34, magic potion perfume bottle $32, kate spade bow studs $46 (call store to order), granit salt and pepper shakers $38, set of five “fairest” mirrors $30, ferm living mug $33, corky boy $29, cutlery candlesticks $28, black glass sake cup $30 (combine with a nice bottle of sake to complete the gift)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: one of my favorite gift ideas is to pick up a demijohn (like this one from ballard, $39) and turn it into a lamp with this easy lamp converter kit ($29). combine them with a shade as a finished gift, or gift the kit and let your recipient customize the shade. (there’s a cheaper cork lamp kit right here)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: saipua candle $38 (they smell SO good), doca pet bowl $30+, round terrine $46, set of 24 rainbow colored chopsticks $35, jen corace 2010 calendar $32 (stay tuned for her free d*s desktop calendar this friday!), pictorial webster’s dictionary $35, metal basket shelf $39]

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[image above, left to right: mercury glass tealight lamp $32, marsupial pot $42 (fill with a pretty plant to complete the gift!)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lena corwin wallpaper $20 per yard, wallpaper projects book $23 (learn how to turn that wallpaper into something even more special), “wood” memo block $29, chalkboard wall sticker $28]

[image above, clockwise from top left: metal twig jewelry stand $31+, set of 6 luster glasses $39, transglass candleholders $44-$48, window sill herb holder $48]

[image above, clockwise from top left: wooden lantern with hurricane $48, monogram candle $26, custom cross-stitch initial $43]

[image above: medina mirrored sconce $39]

Stephanie S.

I am LOVING these gift guides. The online marketplace is so vast & it’s cool that you’re bring us the best of it in a budget-friendly way. I might have to pick up those pink book storage cases for myself. They would look so chic in my office :)


Yay! I will come back to this later tonight and get Christmas shopping done for my whole list!

Emily Kate

I kinda want to buy like 90% of the things in this gift guide… for myself. I guess it’s time to turn on some Christmas music to get more into the spirit of giving!


Wow. what fantastic gift ideas. Especially like the craftier ideas like the cross stitched pieces, screenprinted poster & Jen Corace’s gorgeous illustrations. Reminds me of all the great DIY craft fairs!!!


I would be absolutely thrilled if you did a guide for wrapping gifts!


Thank you so much for these! They’re all LOVELY ideas, I def will look into these when doing my Xmas shopping (which I am really behind on! EEK!)

audrey c.

so many amazing things! I’m a sucker for monograms, so I love the candle, but I also love the marsupial pot. I think plants make excellent gifts!


Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here somtimes, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.



thank you so much for your gift guides grace! i look forward to them all year. you have the best round ups of anyone else!


While I didn’t buy anything from the gift guide today (unlike yesterday), it did inspire me! The cast iron figurines made me think of getting coin banks for my older brothers. I wanted to give them money towards a sibling trip to Europe (We have never traveled as adults) but you don’t want to give them straight money. You know they will just spend that! So my rocket engineer brother is getting a cast-iron rocket bank from ebay (don’t bid against me please!) and my goth brother is getting a flo-skull bank from urban outfitters. I’ll get them started on filling it up on birthdays and holidays, and they can contribute to the fund the rest of the year!

This idea could work for big ticket items that you can’t afford to buy but want to start contributing towards. Puppy bank for a puppy. House bank for a house. Beer can for more beer. You get the idea :)

Melissa M.

One of my favourite gift guides you’ve put together ever! Awesome job!


I am just loving these guides. You are doing all the work for me ;-)
I especially love the eco friendly wine bags. Very cool.


So crazy – I just bought the Pictorial Webster’s a couple of weeks ago after coveting it for a while. Amazon has it for $23 – FYI.

Shannon Mika

Does anyone know if you can purchase the Saipua candles at their store in Red Hook? It’s the perfect gift for some of the women on my xmas list. I would prefer to “buy local” then worry about the various expenses paid in shipping from a website…

Shannon Mika

Thanks, Grace. I will! And thanks for the great suggestion!


Haha, Stella! Beer can for more beer…I know what my boyfriend is getting!