diy video: holiday birch wreath with terrain!

last week i packed up a zipcar and drove down to glen mills, pennsylvania to visit terrain. terrain is a new garden and lifestyle shop from anthropologie that focuses on garden decor/accessories, plants, home decor, and landscaping services. i had been excited to visit the shop ever since i saw it on joy’s blog, and let me tell you- i was not disappointed. despite the rain and cruddy traffic, the shop (and its employees) were definitely worth the trip. in addition to the stunning interior and exterior (housed in the former styer nursery), the shop also has an amazing cafe. (if all of the d*s team lived in nyc, terrain’s cafe would be our holiday party location in a heartbeat)

after window shopping for hours i was thrilled to get to meet with the terrain team, and watch them complete not one, but two amazing holiday craft projects- just for us! their team came up with a beautiful birch wreath diy and twig armature project that we’ll be sharing over the next two weeks. today we’re focusing on the amazing birch wreath! if you’ve got 5 minutes you can learn how to create this stunning wreath and decorate it for both indoors (paperwhites and moss) and outdoors (succulents). if the size of the wreath feels a little daunting, don’t forget you can always make a smaller version by using smaller logs.

thank you so much to everyone at terrain: melissa bartley, steve olszewski, kat bruni, melissa kissler-hoy, and lacey soslow for their help with this video. stay tuned next wednesday for the second project (a twig armature to go around your holiday flowers and vases). in the meantime you can visit (and shop) terrain right here.

CLICK HERE to see the written-out directions after the jump (for those of you who can’t do video/audio at work)

Birch Log Wreath by the Staff at Terrain at Styer’s


-Birch Logs (you can buy sustainably harvested birch logs at Terrain, or search for “sustainably harvested birch logs” online or at your local lumber yard)
-Paddle Bit (1.5 inches)
-Moss, Paperweights and other indoor decorations for your indoor wreath
-Succulents for your outdoor wreath
-Hot Glue Gun
-Chicken wire (optional)

Building your Wreath

1. Cut your logs: cut your birch logs into 9 and 7/8 inch segments

2. Once your segments are cut, cut both ends of each segment to a 15 degree angle

3. Drill Holes: Have a friend hold the two segments together and drill a pilot hole at an angle into both ends of the segment. Then use a screw on each side to attach the segments (see video for a close up of this step)

4. Once your segment is attached, repeat this step for all segments, you’ll need around 12 to finish the full circle.

*If the wreath feels wobbly just add in extra screws where needed.

Decorating for the Indoors

1. Using either a hot glue gun or a chicken wire armature, attach your moss to the interior ring of your wreath (this is easiest to do when the wreath is already hanging).

2. With your hands, create small pockets for your paperwhite bulbs to sit in. You can add in a little dirt to hold them up, or, if you want them to be especially sturdy, use a paddle bit to drill holes into the logs before you connect the segments. Then just drop your bulbs into the holes.

*To maintain your paperwhites, make sure the moss stays moist. Paperwhites don’t need a lot of water, but will need the surrounding soil/moss to be moist.

*If you don’t want to wait for your bubs to grow, you can force them in a vase and then add them when they bloom

3. Add in ornaments or decorations to complete the look.

Decorating for the Outdoors

1. Before you attach the segments of your wreath, use a 1.5 inch paddle bit to drill into the logs to create a channel.

2. Connect your segments and hang the wreath, then fill your channel with rocks, soil and moss and then place your succulents. Be sure to keep the soil moist and mist the succulents to keep them alive as long as possible.

Sarah G

I was at Terrain last weekend and they had a bonfire with diy smores! so much fun. The people that work there are so helpful, and their selection of small succulents is amazing. Well worth the trip!

Mary Kate McDevitt

I love Terrain! I visit there more than I should or have a specific reason to…Yeeah!


Was just at Terrain this weekend and it was lovely. Looking forward to another trip back in the Spring!

Red Prairie Press

Terrain just started carrying some of my work, and as a one-gal business, I will say they’ve been GREAT to work with. It was such a pleasant surprise that they worked with small businesses and DIYers. Can’t wait to visit in person – it looks like a real wonderland.


Hi Congratulations I love this blog, I´m from Mexico City and really, really is cute. Excuse me if my redaction is not good. I send kisses and greetings. :)


gah – i’ve been dying to see their shop – it sounds sooo fantastic. congrats on making it in the top 50 design blogs too – so well deserved!!!


Usually, I’m not a wreath person, but I love how rustic yet clean this looks. Definitely seems like a really fun project and Terrain looks like a wonderful shop!


Any chance you can divulge who that song is by? I’ve had it stuck in my head since I saw the post.


hi vanessa

the song is credited in the end of the video :)

it’s “it’ll be me” by the corduroy road ( they played our wedding and are AMAZING



Terrain really is one-of-a-kind. I love every single item they sell, love the cafe, love that I uncover new inspiration each time I visit.


This is a goreous wreath! I especially love the addition of the succulents. Tillandsias (air plants) and orchids would work well too, for a more tropical feel. Beautiful for year round decor.


LOVE this store…I can’t stay away. I’d live there if I could! I’m lucky to live nearby…I visit just to soak in the creativity!