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diy project: kristen’s ruffly felt wreath

by Grace Bonney

continuing with the fluffy holiday craft theme is this beautiful wreath project from the talented blogger behind domestifluff (i love that name), kristen. inspired by a rosette pillow tutorial on etsy, kristen decided to create her own version for a wreath. though there was “much felt circle cutting involved” kristen loved the outcome, and the fact that it can be used year round. of course, if you want to make it more holiday specific you can choose alternate colors to use- but i love kristen’s snowy white version. if you’ve got a cold “stuck inside” day on your hands, this will be a great one to with friends or family. thanks so much to kristen for sharing!

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

Ruffly felt wreath from Kristen at Domestifluff


What you’ll need for the wreath:

– a 12 inch styrofoam wreath form
– approximately 2 1/2 yards of felt
– straight pins (enough to match the number of felt circles needed, plus two for attaching the hanger)
– scissors
– a 3 inch circle template
– a pencil
– ribbon for hanging

Making the Felt Rosettes

Using a pencil and your circle template (or that great tutorial from maya*made), trace circles onto the felt. Cut the felt circles, and fold them in half twice to form rosettes. Insert a pin near the bottom corner of the rosette, about 1/8 inch from the corner.


Attaching the Felt Rosettes

Attach the felt rosettes to the wreath form, making sure to group the rosettes tightly enough that no styrofoam is showing through the rosettes. After you’ve added a few, fluff and adjust the rosettes to your liking. Continue making, pinning, and attaching the rosettes until you’ve worked your way around the wreath form. If you have circles that are slightly misshapen or that have a little pencil or ink on them, place them toward the outside or inside edges, where they can’t be seen when the wreath is hanging.


Wreath Back

This is what my wreath looked like on the back when I was finished. As you can see, I started off with ball point straight pins, but I switched to flat head pins when the rosette count started to get up there and I had to run out and buy more pins. If you use flat head pins, then I suggest using a thimble to push them into the wreath form, or your thumb will take a beating. Ask me how I know.


Wreath Hanger

After you’ve finished adding the felt rosettes, cut a 5 inch length of ribbon, fold it in half, and attach it to the wreath form with two pins to form a hanger.

Wreath Finished

I love how organic the wreath looks when it’s finished. The ruffly felt rosettes, when grouped together like this, remind me a bit of a coral reef. While this is a rather ambitious project, I think it was completely worth the time spent. I’ll be using my wreath year ’round as part of my home décor!


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  • so lovely and it looks like a lot of the time spent could be while multi-tasking (and by that I mean watching “Prancer” for the 32nd time). thanks for sharing!

  • Wow – this is beautiful! I am in complete wreath-making mode right now and might have to try this next. I just have to get my fingers limbered up for all that cutting!

  • I actually made this wreath last weekend and I LOVE it…lots of hard work (I used a bigger piece of styrofoam) but it was worth it! My friend even wants to incorporate the idea into wedding decorations. Great job Kristen!

  • I am so jealous– I wish I’d thought of that! This looks like the beautiful trendy decor pillows I’ve been seeing with lots of felt ruffles and “petals” all over– LOVE IT! Thanks for posting– I’m making one as a gift as soon as I get a chance!

  • What a great diy project – and you can customise the colour to match your home – I wonder what it would look like using a mix of colours, maybe a range of lovely mossy greens.
    I would love to know how many little circles you used – it looks like hundreds!

  • LOVE! definitely making this year or for another occasion – like Easter in a pale baby blue…

  • @Elizabeth(s) – There were exactly 286 circles on the wreath in the tutorial. But like CLK said, much of the work can be done while watching TV, so it goes pretty quickly.

    Also, I found a tutorial (after the fact) that should greatly speed up the circle making process. It’s linked under the “Making the Felt Rosettes” subheader in the tutorial.

    Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind words! It’s such an honor to be featured.

  • I love this! I made one of these a couple of years ago for my sister, but I cheated. I used the round cotton make up removal pads. This is so much prettier!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! And a pretty wide satin ribbon could take it from season to season, though I’m smitten with just the white.

  • This is fantastic. I went straight to the craft store after work yesterday to buy the supplies.
    FYI…the inside of a roll of blue painter’s tape makes a perfect 3″ circle template.

  • So beautiful! Though I can’t image cutting those by hand. I have the Big Shot die cutting machine and a Stampin’ Up! circle die that will do just the trick. Easy peasy. What a great craft idea. So pretty, thanks for a great tutorial!

  • I love this wreath. It is so modern and charming and I’ll definitely enjoy plopping in front of the tv with a fire roaring to cut circles for hours.
    I think this will be a nice gift for a newly married couple without many decorations.

  • OK guys, I’m gonna make your life a whole lot easier. Invest ($10-$15) in an OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter…found out fabric stores like JoAnns. It will cut perfect fabric circles from 1 7/8 to 8 1/2″ in diameter..without marking! It’s a compass with a razor sharp rotary cutter.

  • Think I will have to try this once I can get out of this snow and buy some felt. Though I’m going to try and see if I can get the felt circles to cut on the Cricut.

  • I made one of these tonight… and it was really easy once you get going. It took me about 3 hours. I wrapped the foam wreath in fabric first, which helps with hiding the back of the wreath. Still need to pick out my ribbon!! Thanks for the post!

  • This is so beautiful, and I really want to make it. But are you all planning on hanging these on your front doors? It seems like it would get REALLY dirty. Is there a trick I don’t know about? Or just doing it in a color besides white?

  • I love it but am afraid it will be a dust catcher turning grey in a few months??

  • Yeah, I agree that it might get dusty/dirty. But I bet if it were in a different color it wouldn’t be so obvious- like a woodsy brown or green. And then for each holiday you can re-decorate it. Add a red bow this time of year. Little red felt hearts for Valentine’s. Acorns during Thanksgiving.

  • I REALLY like this wreath. Some of those nice glitters would give a frosty look (if one likes glitter). To dust it one could use the vacuum hose covered w/ a piece of hose or if the vacuum has a way to dust drapes that might work.

  • I did mine, using cosmetic round cotton (I believe it’s named that way). They were super cheap, each bag has 100 and I splited them, so it became 200, and I’ve used them all. They’re already round so it was very easy ;) Plus, I’ve used some small red buttons I had, and glued them to the cotton. Just a few, to bring out the “Christmas red” :)

  • Oh I forgot, instead of using pins, I’ve used a hot glue gun, to fix the cotton to the styrofoam. Ta daaaaaa. Merry Christmas to you all!

  • TIME SAVER TIP: i used an xacto knife around a glass that is about 3″ wide to cut out the circles. it saves time from tracing and then cutting.. it’s one step! just don’t forget the cutting mat :)

  • I made two of these, and they turned out perfectly! A couple of tips (benefit from my learning curve!): The circles don’t really have to be all totally perfect for this to look great – I cut several layers at once and saved a BUNCH of time (but ended up with some rather ovoid ‘circles’; I couldn’t find any nice felt, so I used some double-faced polar fleece in lime and forest (the two-tone effect made it really interesting – and surprisingly natural!) and some thick jogging fleece (again, the contrast between the fuzzy and the smooth sides adds interest). I added ‘berries’ (large beads on wires) and bows for a more traditional look, but they still look clean and fab! Thanks for the instructions (a merry happy holidays!).

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! I definitely have to make this, the white will look beautiful against my milk chocolate painted walls!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Hugs, Health & Happiness,
    Anita, a Knitting Junkie!

    • Would makeup rounds from the dollar store work instead of cutting all those circles.

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! I did one with a heart wreath in red. A lady from another site (http://theidearoom.blogspot.com)switched up your great idea to do a Valentine’s wreath. I’m going to do a white or cream one like yours for a gift! Thanks for your inspiration!

  • These are so pretty and super easy (although tedious) to make! I’m making several for my wedding decorations!! I’m doing mine in grey, but I can’t wait to try out other colors too!

  • Just stumbled on your blog today. This is so cute! I will definitely give a try! Thank you for sharing! ;)

  • Soooo gorgeous! I’m 1/3 of the way done with mine and am using COTTON ROUNDS instead~saved me a ton of work :D

  • Love at first sight. I made this today for my mom for Christmas. It basically took me the entire day. I started at 8 and ended shortly after 5. Like a work day. I couldn’t get an exacto knife to cut the felt so I had to cut the circles by hand. I didn’t need quite 300. I used about 250. It ended up looking just like the picture! In hindsight I should have probably chosen green for my mom. I was just so enamored with the white. It was an easy project. Didn’t take much brain power but it is really lovely.

  • Thanks so much for this easy, simple but STUNNING project! I took the basic design but applied it to foam spheres to make ornaments at my annual Christmas ornament-making brunch. They were a complete hit! I love how “forgiving” the design is…no need to make perfect circles. :)

  • This is amazing. And I love how you can be inspired from this tutorial to make so many other things!
    Just beautiful!

  • I made several of these in red for Christmas and found the smooth foam holds the pins better than the more airy foam. I found some 4-inch balls at the dollar store and bought a bunch, so happy to find them so cheap. I needed to make centerpieces for a luncheon. I used red felt, 4-inch balls (6-inch was about right for a kissing ball i made, then mounted it on 1/2 dowels from the hardware store painted red. I bought some square glass candle holders from the dollar store and cut foam to fit it. Next time i will try plaster of paris, as long as i can remove the dowel for easier storage. The foam was a little wobbly. I cut more circles and hot glued them in an overlapping pattern to cover the clear glass holders. Then a little spray glitter added some glitz, it was perfect. Lastly, I needed to cover the foam on the top, and found a jar of “Christmas bowl filler”, little round balls that looked like little chocolates wrapped in glitter red/green paper. I used fake boughs from the dollar store to wrap around it on the table and sprinkled some pine cones and candy kisses around. They were perfect. I hope to be able to do it again in white for a wedding or shower.

  • I am making this as we speak because it is just and awesome craft idea. I purchased pink felt because it is going to be for my daughters room. I will be including a picture frame in the middle to make it more personal. I am a photographer by trade so I just had to add that extra touch. Great Idea!

  • I want to know of any good ideas to hide the back of the wreath. I have a storm door, so yo can see both sides.

  • I love this idea! I am going to make one tonight and add some ornaments and a red ribbon then change it out for the next holiday! I think you could cover the back with ribbon or fabric if you see both sides. I think I will make a red white and blue one for 4th of july too. This idea is so versatile, thanks for sharing it!

  • Love the look of this. At first I thought the circles were cotton face rounds. I think I would just use those instead because I am super impatient. Plus, most of them have a quilted texture which I think would be cute.

  • So easy, anyone can do it. Just a little time consuming. I made one with black and yellow circles for my friend who is a Steelers fan!

  • Do you think this would work with a straw wreath? I could not find a foam wreath at Michaels.

  • Currently making this but……
    I did go for a slightly larger wreath size of 14 but I bought 6feet of felt and 200 pins and I need more!! OMG, this has cost me $18.00 to make already. What did i do wrong???

  • I just made this wreath and it turned out so nice! I love it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  • This would make a great table centerpiece for any occasion. Just center it with a plane hurricane candle holder with a candle color of your choice. This white would be beautiful for a wedding

  • I love this elegant wreath! I’m going to feature you on my website ecofeltcraft.com in a few days. Thank you for making me look good. :)


  • i think i will try and cut these with my sizzix for the circles, thanks for the great idea i cant wait to make, thanks again, kathy

  • In the cosmetic department of Walmart they sell bags of cotton circle pads for make up removal. They will work perfect.

  • Ok I Love this and I added a bow it is wonderful.Thank you so much and I am going to try it in other colors.

  • I love the one I just made for spring. Added a bunny from dollar tree and a few flowers. I want to make one for Christmas. Might even try a 4th of July one! Thank you

  • I loved this project! Made mine in a darker color with corsage pins for sparkle! It goes with my decor and have gotten a lot of wonderful comments! Thank you!

  • I love this, and it just looks gorgeous. I will be making it for our Christmas in July celebrations. Regards from New South Wales, Australia.

  • I’m making one this year but I live in a more rural area without a craft or fabric store so I looked on amazon and actually found a company called Nakpunar that sells pre-cut felt rounds in a variety of sizes and colors for not much more than the felt would be. I’ll take a little extra cost to avoid all the tracing and cutting.

  • I have been making wreaths for several years. I have made some very beautiful ones for Christmas, and this wreath is absolutely gorgeous and would be right at homer with mine.
    I want to try and make one of my own, but my question is, instead of pins can I use my hot glue? All of my wreaths are glued and I have glue on felt before. I prefer glue to pins especially on the styrofoam circles I have been finding at Micheal’s
    Is this something that you think would work with this wreath.

  • Olga rotary circle cutter makes the job easier. I’m terrible at cutting, but this worked great. I do love the version in red. I saw another version that used 2 yards of felt for a 16 inch straw wreathe. So I think the variations are endless.

  • I just love this wreath, it is beautiful, want to learn how to make all kinds of wreaths, but now sure if I can. I need an easy totual.

  • Could you use the bag of make up remover pads? Save you a lot of. Time cutting all those circles? Just a thought. Wreath is BEAUTIFUL

  • I just finished 1 pf 12 that I am making for my sons wedding, i used a 10″ styrofoam wreath and still used the 3″ felt circles, these will be hung by ribbon on the ends of the pews, very pretty and different.