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diy project: fleece pom pom hanukkah garland

by Grace Bonney

jaime from prudent baby and prudent advice sent over this fun hanukkah garland tutorial that i thought would make for a great afternoon craft activity. all you need is some fleece (wool and felt would work nicely, too), scissors and a little thread and you’re good to go! thanks to jaime for sharing!

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

fleece pom pom hanukkah garland from jaime at prudent baby


-embroidery needle and thread


1. cut your fleece into strips (they don’t need to be perfect). cut in different lengths and sized to create different sized poufs.


2. make small cuts on either side of the fleece leaving about a centimeter or less in the middle uncut:

make cuts

3. grab a strip and roll it up. stick a pin through it when it’s all rolled up. repeat with all of your strips.


4. now you need to finish your fleece pom poms. there’s a right way and an easy way. i’ll show you the right way first. cut a length of embroidery thread, knot one end and thread one end through an embroidery needle: push the needle all the way through the center of your fleece pom pom: then wrap the thread around the center a few times and tie off. use the extra length of thread to attach to your garland. cut off the extra thread and you’re done:


the easy way is just to grab a length of thread and tie it around the center, then double knot it, then use the excess thread to knot it around your trim.

5. repeat until you have a happy hanukkah garland, and hang on the mantle!

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  • Yay pretty Hanukkah decor! So hard to find festive Hanukkah decorations that don’t look like they came from the $1 store. Thanks for the idea.

  • I am just LOVING the garlands that everyone has been posting about lately. They can be festive and so easy and affordable to make! This makes me so happy : )

    I can’t wait until I drive home for winter break and see my family and start decorating!

  • …very cute..its hard to find cute hanukkah decor…..either its ridiculously expensive and from neiman marcus, or its the cheapest saddest smallest collection at the supermarket…

    but Its not like I would have a place for this because my mantle is already done up for christmas (I know the irony of a jewish person celebrating christmas). I have 2 huge christmas trees plus various other trees…but to be fair my mantle is very nonreligious, its all silver and crystal with beautiful mirrored crystal snowflakes (that I just got at target) sticked to the wall and mirrored and silver trees to create a forest…If I added some blue, it could work for hanukkah too lol.
    But the large silver and white tree next to it might kill the hanukkah look lol.

  • No offense, folks, but you can’t just throw some blue-and-white at it and call it Jewish. The whole idea of garlands and wreaths are just so goyish–they’re just not part of Jewish culture around the holidays. And despite what everyone thinks, no, Hannukah is not the Jewish Christmas.

    No hate to those who like garlands and celebrate Christmas even though they’re Jews. I’d just love to see some DIY ideas for the Seder table or apple-and-honey letterpress art around holidays that actually matter–unlike Hannukah, which American non-Jews only know about because of Christmas.

    • gabi

      i’m not disagreeing with you, but i wanted to make sure you knew the person who submitted, and made, this project is in fact jewish.

      my husband is with you on the “hannukah is not the jewish christmas” thing, and repeatedly reminds me of that (he’s jewish). that said, we are overwhelmed with requests for hannukah decor each year, so i try to share as many projects like this as possible submitted by readers.