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diy project: alison’s snowflake corkboard

by Grace Bonney

snowflake detail
this fun holiday decoration project comes from alison fonseca of five months in paris. after moving into her new dorm room, alison found herself with a ton of blank wall space and a limited cash flow. so to add some budget-friendly holiday decor she decided to add slowflakes to an existing piece of cork board. it’s such a simple idea, but one that would be fun to do while watching holiday movies or on a snowy afternoon. when the holiday is over, just unpin them from your board and your normal day-to-day look is back. thanks to alison for sharing!

snowflake art

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– cork board (any size or shape you like)

– plain white paper

– photos, magazine clippings, etc.

– white thumbtacks

– scissors


1. Fold and cut the sheets of white paper to make the snowflakes. You should make enough to cover the cork board and to extend over the edges a bit, with some overlapping as well. The snowflakes can be all the same size or of varying sizes. [*note: If the last time you made one of these was the 2nd grade and you need a quick refresher, refer to the diagram below.]

step 1
step 2

2. Lay the cork board on a flat surface and layer the paper snowflakes and photos on top. There’s no wrong way to do it, just play around with the different pieces until you find an arrangement you like.

3. Use the thumbtacks to attach everything to the cork board. And that’s it! Your one-of-a-kind artwork is now ready to be hung and admired.

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