cozy cuffs + party flower how-to

on cold winter days like this nothing beats settling into the couch with a nice hot coffee (or hot chocolate). i usually try not to use the paper sleeves at coffee shops, so i was happy to see this cute reusable coffee sleeve design from megan auman that doubles as a bracelet! megan’s cozy/cuff SNAP is made from laser-cut wool felt and comes in six colors- each one perfect for transitioning from your morning coffee to your rest-of-the-day outfit. you can pick up one of megan’s clever designs right here for $32. thanks, megan!

also, over at the d*s guest blog blair has a fun holiday diy project for making a festive fabric flower. it’s a fun way to spruce up a holiday outfit- or gift wrap. click here for the full how-to on the d*s guest blog!

tricia mckellar

That’s pretty cool! Love that you can wear the coffee cuff :) Plus you’ll know where the cuff is if you decide on a second cup of coffee :)

Nicodemus Green

I really like that idea – I’m desperate for mens accessories like the cozy/cuff.

How does one source a laser-cutter??? I’d love to know more about that process.

Grace – would you ever consider doing a “how’d she do that?” with some of the product designers you profile?




i occasionally ask designers about things like that, but most people don’t want to show people how to make something and potentially lose their client base ;)



i want that coffee sleeve! it is so adorable and practical. i hate wasting those paper coffee cuffs every day.


Very cute, yes, but if you hate wasting paper cuffs, then you should by default hate wasting paper cups and bring your own thermal mug to the coffee shop while you wear the cuff–best of both worlds. ;-)


Rachel, I completely agree. I am attracted to the aesthetic and idea of using a cozy sleeve, but have always been slightly baffled by the idea that one would go to the trouble of using just a reusable sleeve while continuing to waste paper cups. Maybe a fuzzy sleeve could be used with a reusable cup? You get your cozy and no waste.


or if you hate wasting the paper cuffs – recycle them. and if you also hate wasting the coffee cup compost it. we do both of these things. its the only way we can justify our SB habit.


omg, perfect timing! It’s beyond freezing today and my favorite hat is sadly looking very “past its prime” – a new flower would seriously perk it up (and give me a great idea to use up some outgrown kids’ clothing!) – thanks!!