Clean up the Bathroom

Tuesday: The Bathroom.

Remember yesterday’s tip on tackling organization in a one-at-a-time manner? Good. Don’t forget it, because it’s key to each one of this week’s mini guides.

First up today I want to talk about the WC. It can quickly become overwhelmed with hair tonics, potions, and meds while necessaries like toilet paper can go rolling if not kept in check.

Photograph from Ideal Home.

*Obviously a good place to store towels and washcloths is key, but it’s also a good idea to keep a laundry basket to tame the towels. We’re a convenience-driven society so why not work with it?

I also love the quick and easy DIY this photo offers: the towel ladder. Surely you can find tons of old ladders at garage sales and customize them to your décor. Just remember to secure the ladder or budge it up against something so it doesn’t fall and disrupt your beauty routine!

Photograph from Country Homes & Interiors.

*This idea is great for a tiny bathroom, but it can really work in any sized room. Just stick an unused chair (Who’s ready for a trip to the attic!) in a corner for an impromptu shelf. If you have lots of beauty products, why not keep them in a small basket or container on the chair and hang a towel over the back?

Photograph from Ideal Home.
*If you have a floating sink but miss the counter space, try installing a low shelf beneath the plumbing. Just measure (twice, cut once!) and head to Home Depot or Lowe’s if you don’t have a piece of wood in the shed already. All you need are some wall brackets and a screwdriver. Bonus? If playing handyman scares you to death, these stores also have all-inclusive kits for such a project.

Personally, I love the open storage, too. Not only for easy access but also because it encourages me not to make a mess!

Photograph from Living Etc.
*This is my favorite display of baskets, boxes, and jars working for the homeowner, because it can be the most inexpensive yet all encompassing solution. Keep the countertop, floor, and shelving space you already have and organize your things into baskets, boxes, and jars.

How is buying all of these things cheap? Let me give you an example: when I was looking for vases for my wedding this past summer I found a box of 40 Mason and Ball jars (some blue, some clear) for $10 at a yard sale. Moving them all to my new home in London from Virginia? Not so cheap, but that’s beside the point!

Here’s hoping you find a solution to your loo woes! x


Love the ladder idea! Also the chair idea, particularly with your add-on of hanging a basket over the back.

Another thought is to put a little piece of art on the wall. Sometimes we forget our bathrooms when we decorate, but I don’t think they’re any less deserving of some beauty. :)


In the last photograph, all those storage bins are definitely from IKEA!


Haha! IKEA always dominates these types of spreads, don’t they?! Looks like the photo dept had a one-stop shop kinda day! :) x


Great ideas. Love the chair tip. The last photo gave me some ideas for building storage vertically especially since I have a smaller bathroom.


does anyone know what paint color is used in the ladder bathroom?


I love them all, the last bathroom especially- white is my new favourite color, especially with black and silver, and then s surprise of colour. May I just add that if you have just moved to London, don’t you feel it may be a bit precious to start with “the loo” etc. We get it. I saw your wedding post and thought it was just me, but maybe not…