Chrissie White

Happy Tuesday, spongies! I’m gonna cut to the chase, because we’ve got one heck of an artist waiting in the wings for her 15 minutes. 16-year-old Chrissie White is no stranger to the art scene, as she’s already managed to score countless film and fashion-related photo shoots and exhibitions for some big name indie pubs. Equal parts talented stylist and photographer, Chrissie’s photos exude quirkiness, fun and hardcore talent. Between her high school class schedule and busy freelance career(!), we caught up with sweet Chrissie:

“My real name is Christina White. I love fashion and spend a lot of time on fashion blogs. At the moment I’m obsessed with finding someone to hypnotize me, due to a friend’s reassurance that it actually does work. I spend my free time wishing I didn’t have so much free time and meeting new people. Photography used to be a lot more fun for me, but somewhere along the line I sort of lost it and I’m currently trying to rekindle the spark.”

“I’m incredibly inspired by movies at the moment, especially movies from the 70s/80s. I love movie stills and old photographs from Life magazine. I really like the liveliness and interaction that both the movie stills and photographs display. I also love the thought of having a picture that looks like a story in action, instead of being so posed.”

“I would like to be a photographer, however I’m also immensely interested in set design, product design, and prop design! I would definitely like to go to college. I’m thinking Parsons (in Paris), Pratt, or RISD.”

“My best advice [for other young, emerging talents] is just to really stay clear of cliches and don’t try to be super “deep” in your personal photos. Just try to be honest and it will turn out well most of the time!”


Love it!!! As for checking out movies from 70s and 80s check out Foxes and Times Squared! There to of my favs lots of inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!


I’ve been following Chrissie’s work on Flickr for some time, and I’m pleased to hear that she has parlayed her talents in to a burgeoning career. I wish her all the best.