carrie bobo

they say that smell is the most powerful sense for bringing back memories, and when i saw brooklyn artist carrie bobo‘ work i was immediately transported back to the studio at william & mary. while looking at her monoprint of city streets the first thing i did was remember the smell of turpentine and my head was instantly flooded with memories of printmaking classes at school (that was my major, which sadly i don’t really use right now), rags covered in black ink and the sound of the plate cutter chopping pieces of copper plates for us. i love when artwork can remind you of something so special- and when the work itself is equally special. i love the way of carrie’s pieces, whether they’re prints or paintings, shows the movement of her hand when either adding or subtracting paint from the canvas. as an ex-printmaker it was a delightful trip down memory road to browse her collection. click here to check out more of carrie’s work. thanks, carrie!



oh, the printmaking studio at william & mary! i miss it. i loved, loved, loved biking down that path to go to art class in the woods.


“Smells are surer than sights and sounds to make your heart strings crack” – Rudyard Kipling.
My favourite quote and it’s so true!
Love the top prints too. Really organic. =]


i went to architecture school with carrie. its so exciting to see her work on d*s! beautiful prints, carrie!


WOW those are monoprints?! so beautiful and haunting! I cant wait to start printmaking again at school, all the messiness and ink everywhere, love it


I don’t know what it is but I’m totally on an architecture kick and I love black and white pictures of buildings right now and the monoprints add an extra texture and interest to the pieces. Excellent and beautiful job Carrie.

Is any of your artwork for sale?


Yay William and Mary! I love how alums come out of the woodwork. (Also the prints are great!)


It’s awesome to see W&M grads when you least expect it-in this case- design blogs! Gorgeous prints!

DC Sarah

absolutely gorgeous. may have to add to my (very new, small) art collection. And yes, I too have fond memories of art classes @ w&m-particularly in the crumbly, ancient ceramics building tucked away near the old bookstore. wishing i had spent more time there, in restrospect.

DC Sarah

ps-speaking of my tiny art collection-the 1st addition was 2 wee paintings by wendeline matson, who we discovered when visiting family in santa fe. wonderful colors and sense of nostalgia-give her a look!


I am completely in love! These are beautiful paintings, very Hopper-esque.


Great photographs & interesting architecture on her site. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this amazing artist!


I think Carrie’s palette is more Thiebaud than Hopper. Which is to say I want to own them all.