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i’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for minerals, rocks, and geology in general. perhaps thanks to a crush on my college geology professor (so cute!), my fascination continued well after college and now i find myself drawn to anything that reminds me of rock formations and the minerals i studied during early morning classes at w&m. so i was naturally pretty happy to see these beautiful new oil paintings from carly waito (of coe & waito).

smoky quartz 2
carly has been working on fine art since closing up coe & waito and will be showing this beautiful mineral series as part of a group show called “little crowns” at narwhal art projects in toronto. if you happen to be in toronto on dec 11th be sure to check out the show when it opens, or click here for more information on the artwork. thanks, carly!

multicolour tourmeline


These are gorgeous! I have rocks and minerals all over the place, but alas my geology teacher was not so cute.


I think it’s a geology teacher thing, my daughters geology teacher is famous for his man pose to. Rocks rock!


Oh my GOD what was that prof’s name?? He had a crush on you too, we were all convinced. ;)


lol. chris bailey. you remember him, right? you, me and matty used to sit in that middle row in the early class. god he was cute.


Oh wow. I was surprised that these are paintings! So beautiful. I would love to see them in person.


Who puts a pic like that up on their company/university website and doesn’t expect the ladies to swarm? lol ;)


Haha, I can’t believe you included a link to your old college professor! Is he aware that he’s an object of adoration, I wonder?


Wow, these are beautiful! Would not have known they were paintings without you saying so (maybe in person it would be more obvious…)

And sheesh, what a hunky prof! We had a cute english prof that my mom and sister swooned over at my senior presentation. And there was a philosophy prof that about 90% of the girls were hot for but I thought was slimy. Mr. Geo doesn’t look slimy at all though :)


those paintings are amazing! i thought they were photos too…

and the prof is not too shabby either. ;)


those are *paintings*? they are SO beautiful. i too have an obsession with minerals/gemstones/crystal formations. these are breathtaking!


Ok, that is just really funny that you have linked to the actual bio for your professor… ahahaha

Vinci Au

Can’t believe you would put a link to your prof’s website. PhD from John Hopkins, wow; Smart *and* cute =D

Oh the paintings are very lovely too! I’m amazed their oil paintings. So beautiful.


These are ACE. Really, really, brilliant. Great work Carly! Now, where could I see them in/around the GTA?


I had no idea these were paintings either at first…they are absolutely stunning! Wish I could see them in person.

lia dominique

I just saw these during Art Basel Miami at Aqua. Beautiful!


ohh exquisite. I couldn’t believe when I learned these were painted. Geology-related imagery is everywhere these days! And I can’t get enough.