beyond the big day: christmas decor

Back in June I had the privilege of featuring a whimsical circus themed wedding from photographer Josh Goleman (Halligan + Adam!). This wedding was so adorable that we thought it would be the perfect inspiration for some playful decor and projects you can do with your family and little ones during the holiday season.

The ornaments and poster were designed by the incredibly talented Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting Design. Click here to download all the different styles of ornaments. Print the file on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, cut out the ornaments, punch a hole in the top, and tie on some string. The ornaments can also double as gift tags!

CLICK HERE for the downloadable poster and ornaments after the jump!

Popcorn garland is a simple project that kids will eat right up. We used baker’s twine along with vintage styled striped straws to create a fun and festive look.

Get this poster into your home… click here for the free download. Then take it to a local print shop like Kinkos. We had ours mounted and then added some striped ribbon to the back for easy hanging.

For a softer and more kid-friendly touch, try making these fabric ball ornaments. All you have to do is cut a fabric circle, put some stuffing in the middle, gather up the edges and wrap around some floral wire to secure. Cover with floral tape to get a finished look. Then just bend the stems around the tree limbs to make sure they stay in place.

And no circus is complete without a few animals. You’ll need some figurines from a local toy store (we got these from Richard’s Variety Store ) and a can of spray paint.

Photography: Our Labor of Love by Heidi
Ornaments and poster design: Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting Design
Projects and styling: Ashley Meaders of Dolci Odille


Just sent an email to my brother in Atlanta to go to that variety store and pick me up a menagerie! How cruel that their website only offers greeting cards (though splendid they are).


I LOVE it! Can’t wait to sit down with my girls and all their cousins next week during our Colorado Christmas vacation and try our hands at these deco crafts. Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Mandy


I love this! The link for the ornaments isn’t working though…



the link is working, you just have to wait a bit for it to load, it’s a big file ;)



The tree topper is adorable. Are there instructions on how to make that posted anywhere? If not, that would be a great post for Wednesday.


Love the Christmas tree. Is it made entirely of bottle brush? Where did it come from? I have been looking so long for one for my vintage ornaments.


The tree topper is made from a chinese lantern and fabric, and we will be having a DIY up on Once Wed in the near future showing how to make it. The tree is from Target :)


Hi Grace!
I tried to download the ornaments but the file isn’t working.
Can you please check it? I would love to have these for my tree!



it’s working- it just takes a while to download, it’s huge. if you’re not using the most current version of firefox, safari or chrome, try updating and that should solve any other issues. we tested it on a number of browsers and both a mac and pc and it’s working ok :)



–If you’re having problems–

I actually just had to right click and “save target as” for it to work.

Got it, love it, can’t wait to decorate!!


omgosh that circus tree is adorable! i love the flower..err pompom rosette-ish thing on top of the tree~ i wish i could see the tree with the lights on


Hi, there. I can’t download the ornaments either. But I would love to.

Could you please check the file? Thanks for the great site–I read it all the time.


Apologies. I now see that the file is huge. I’ll try your suggestions.


Just thought this was a fun side note, my sister did their invitations shown above! She’s there in many of the wedding photos also! Small world…love the post!


Wow I love this stuff, the tree is fantastic!…so off the normal path. Love the ornaments


I am desperately waiting for a tutorial on the tree topper…’till then ours is bare!
Love this tree!



The topper is the tops! So cute and a much better addition than the cliche star or angel.

I loved themed trees done right.


Stunning!! The best Xmas decorations so far…I love the circus theme, an the photos with the vintage look are great, well done to all the people involved in this project!!


Oh no! I decorated my christmas tree already in purple and silver. But now I’m totally in love with this tree!!! I think I have to start all over again… ;) Thanx for that lovely post… Have a happy christmas time!


Agree with needing to know how to make the tree topper. It is fabulous! Please try to get us instructions!


I too love the tree topper!! When the DIY for it is complete, would you please- with a cherry- post the link for it here in the comments?
Thank you!!


Love this theme. And I’m sure this can be used other than Christmas.

I don’t know why but I can’t get the ornament sheet to load. I got the poster…HELP please.



you need to open it with the most current version of either firefox or safari or chrome. for some reason it’s not working on IE.



Hey Guys!

The tree topper tutorial is now on Once Wed. We created a chandelier for an event for this specific project, but the instructions are the same to create the tree topper. Instead of attaching it to string you just flip it over and place it on the tree.




Hi Grace,
The link to the circus ornaments remains broken, I realize the file is quite large however, I’ve tried opening with IE and Mozilla even saving target as with no luck. Would you mind emailing or reposting the working link? These are adorable and I’d love to print em for our New Years party tomorrow. Thanks! Nie


hi stephanie

i’m so sorry- the link is working fine and we’ve tested it on IE, firefox, chrome and safari over here. we can’t replicate the error. are you using the most current version of firefox?



Thanks Grace! I do have the most current version of IE and Firefox and I’ve tried again just now with no luck :( the link takes me to this page: however the only thing that appears is a tiny X box on the top lefthand corner of the page. Im able to open the poster with no problem just not the ornaments.



Grace its working now with Firefox! Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!!




so sorry for the confusion- we’re looking into why some people had errors with the links. thanks for your patience :)



These are so gorgeous! I can’t get the ornaments page to work, is there no way in Internet Explorer? I’m just getting the red X. Thanks!



for some reason that file doesn’t play well with internet explorer, and i don’t have another version of the file. the download works fine with safari, firefox or chrome, though.



What size is the chinese latern used for the tree topper? I see the tutorial on Once Wed, but I don’t know what size it is.


hello, i love your ornaments! i’m not gonna be very original, but i can’t download them… first link says it’s broken, the second one (Clic Here) is sending me back to this page….


Hi Grace! Can you help with the link for the download? Its not working…



the link works best on chrome or firefox. if you’re on IE it may take a while to load. shoot me an email at designsponge at gmail dot com if you can’t get it to work.



Hi Grace!

I’ve tried to download the file but all the times I did it the message “404 (Page Not Found) Error” appeared. Do you still have the file to share?

Thank you so very much!



i’m afraid i don’t have the individual file any more, but i’ll check with emily to see if she has a copy :)



Does anyone have any tips for the tree topper for me? I’m using the instructions from once wed to make pom poms to decorate my ceremony aisle. They look awesome and I love them! … But it takes me almost 2 hours, and I’d bet about 75 cloth circles to make one… I’m trying to make 30! So they are getting pricey and time consuming :/


Any update on the download files? I’d love to use them for an upcoming party!


I just discovered this post and would love to have the ornaments : )
Wondering if they’re available somewhere on the new site?



i just discovered these too! Thanks to pinentrest. any way to download them now?


These are sweet! Please say there is a way that I can still download them!


Hi! My wedding coordinator tried making the Pom Poms using silk but it did not come out as planned! What type of material is best? It looks like a cotton or muslin in the pictures? Thanks!


ohhh soo hoping to be able to download and print these. They are all soo cute and perfect for my baby’s first Christmas. All my Christmas stuff is in storage and trying to make a cute tree without having to buy ornaments. Can anyone let me know if its still possible or can you send me the download. s’il vous plait.