before and after

before & after: david’s shed + ibabe’s bathroom

by Grace Bonney

today’s first before & after belongs to david van alphen. inspired by modern shed, david decided to build his own version for $2500 (a $7500 difference!). now he has a place to hang out that’s weather-proof and cool. click here to see more photos of the process- great work, david!

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CLICK HERE to see ibabe’s bathroom makeover after the jump!

next up- a small space bathroom makeover from ibabe in spain. i love the tiles in the bathroom- great work, ibabe!


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  • ow, I appreciate all the work david put into it – and it turned out great – but still the old barn was not bad either…

  • I must need more coffee. I initially thought that the caption “david’s shed + ibabe’s bathroom” meant ibabe was using the shed for a bathroom.

  • Both are great redos. I have one of those little barn sheds in my backyard and it’s falling apart. I love that David had the vision to see his shed as something more.

  • I was sad to have to demolish the old barn. It had a lot of character to it. Unfortunately, it was rotting and falling apart. I also needed the extra room to work. I have a small house with two little boys which makes it very difficult to get any work done. I like to think there is some barn heaven somewhere where he is resting peacefully.

  • I am David’s lucky wife. I work from home part of the time and it is a great, quiet space (except for the hum of the space heater!)

  • Why are so many people upset about tearing down the old shed? It was not a “little barn” with “character”. It was a rotting particle board home depot (or the like) kit shed, probably less than 20 years old.

  • These are both fantastic. Love the tile in that bathroom and the modern shed on a budget is so inspiring! I’ve also been looking at this design for my yard and it’s a relief to see it can be done for a few thousand.

  • Also, amen to tearing down the old shed. Maybe it was cute when it was new, but you found a much more attractive and productive use for the space. Well done.

  • I LOVE it! My husband just informed me that a second one of his friends is building a man-room-shed. I shut him down. But now….wow….you think he would build me one instead? I want one like David’s!

  • the shed is very nice but isn’t it more ‘tear down and build a new’ than ‘before and after”??

  • Elizabeth- My wife was totally against it also thinking that she would never see me again but now she loves it. She spends just as much time in there as I do. When she works from home she take her conference calls in there so there are no screaming kids in the background. The only rule of the new studio is NO KIDS ALLOWED!!

  • I dream of doing this… I, too, work from a home office in a tiny little mid century ranch house, and also have two little boys wreaking havoc all around me. Oh, to have a quiet place for a phone call with a client! I’m so jealous!

  • all i can say is FABULOUS!!!!!!! i love, love, love it! i would die to have this in MY backyard. As for the rottten’ red barn, good riddance!