Adelaide Rose

Happy Thursday, spongies! Next up is one of my favorite photographers, 13-year-old Adelaide Rose (not your average eighth-grader, huh?!). Adelaide’s photos have a delicate Scandinavian quality that make me long for winter, tea and white wooden hutches. I was lucky enough to score a few words with this inspiring young gal:

“When my dad came back from Iraq a year ago, he brought back a camera. At first it was used for snapshots of the family, but soon after I started playing around with it and realized that I actually really liked it.”

“I’d like to be a photographer, and I’m pretty sure I will be. I’m only 13, so I’m not really sure what’s next, but I’m just going to keep getting better and better and see where life takes me. I want to go to college, but then I feel like I don’t need to. I don’t need to know all the terms and have someone tell me how to take photos. Terms are useless when it comes to art; it’s all about the image that is created. ”

“Every little thing that I see inspires me.”

“My family supports me a lot, and only one of my friends actually knows about my photography. My mother always tells me I’m going to be a famous photographer. My sister says the same thing, but my brother isn’t really aware of my photography, at least I don’t think. As for my friends, I don’t think they are very interested.”

“Be yourself and don’t try to impress other people, which is really hard, but in order to succeed you need to impress yourself.”


Erin, I love this guest blog series. As an amateur photographer myself, I would love to know more about their techniques in terms of what type of camera they are using, are they shooting on film, slide or digital, how are they printing, only using natural light or is their manipulation etc. Thanks!


Her work is very pretty, but she gives away her age in her comments. Studying art in a school setting is not about someone telling you how to do you art. The best thing for any artist or designer is to be in an environment where they are inspired and challenged to improve their craft. School settings provide a group (not just an instructor) where you can cross pollinate each other with ideas and push each other grow and do better. Through thoughtful critique, we all become better at what we do and the only way to practice that critique is through dialogue-which means you need to speak the same language of terms and art history. Otherwise, if you believe your art is only for you (and there are plenty that do) than there is no point in showing it and without sharing it, there is no career. The best thing that ever happened for my art/design career was when I understood how important an art education is and how best to take advantage of it. Good luck in all of your future endeavors!


Hauntingly beautiful. Great work! BTW I have always wanted to name my child Adelaide if I have a little girl, lovely name.


Art school is the best thing that happened to me. I made a lot of great (artist) friends there and it definately shaped me into the person i am today. Be sure to pick one that suits you though. And your pictures are great!


Adelaide Rose: BEAUTIFUL!! I agree with Erin about art school. Both my husband and I went to a couple of art schools and taught art for many years. It’s very rewarding and inspiring to be in a creative community. Also, unfortunately, the world takes artists more seriously if they are educated in a formal setting. You will develop lifelong connections in artschool both with faculty and students. You are so talented that if you keep your grades up, you could get a scholarship. Keep adding to your killer portfolio! Reading about the lives of contemperary artists will inspire and build confidence (try Chuck Close, for example. He uses a lot of photography.) Thanks for sharing your work.


this post was truly inspiring. i remember being 13 and taking photographs with my dad’s minolta… now i’m 25 and i’m a *real* photographer, but i sometimes forget that i start taking pictures because i liked it and i didn’t care what anyone else thought.

it makes me sad that her friends don’t care about her talent, though! i wonder if all 13 year old girls have friends who aren’t really interested in their passions.

deb s,

Adelaide Rose you are very talented; don’t let anyone get in your way; I see art school in your future………my daughter is also a stunningly talented artist; she is going back to college to get her degree in Architecture, like her dad


Beautiful work Adelaide. Do you mind me asking what camera you mainly use?