adam brackney + sophie

80 workerman.storeenvy,com
we’ve got a big day lined up today but before i launch into gift guides and diy projects i wanted to kick things off with this gorgeous hanging light from adam brackney at workerman. this will definitely be making an appearance in my under $100 gift guide, but until then, i couldn’t resist sharing it all on its own. click here to check out adam’s full collection of products and pick up one of these gorgeous lights ($80). thanks, adam!

ps: hi guys- forgot to add- the d*s december desktop will be up on friday. sorry for the delay! it will be well worth the wait, i promise.

sophie 1
over at the d*s guest blog erin has a great post about another young artist, photographer and poet, sophie. click here to check out the post!


This is great! Thank you for sharing. I love his Keep It Simple Stupid screen print too — can’t wait to purchase some of his work.



I saw the light bulb on that hanging pendant and thought, what a pretty light bulb. LOL, never thought that before!


What a statement!

Btw–will there be a December desktop wallpaper coming out?