yellena james + schoolhouse electric

during one of my crazy all-nighters from this weekend (a book deadline= no sleep) i found myself on the schoolhouse electric co. site sourcing a piece for one of the home tours. when i saw these beautiful illustrated pieces i wondered who they were by and wrote a note to check on it later. so i was thrilled to hear from artist yellena james this week because she’s the artist behind that series!

yellena recently finished this collaborative project with schoolhouse electric co. as part of their first ever “artist series” collection. yellena’s shade designs, stretto and aria, come in various colors and sizes and put such a nice spin on school house’s beautiful vintage style pieces.

you can check out yellena’s pieces, as well as schoolhouses’ full collection, online right here. thanks, yellena!


I’m a big fan of Yellena’s work. (I purchased some of her prints from her etsy site.) I recognized her style right away. Beautiful light fixtures =)


if you were on the site why would you wonder who it was by if the description page states who the artist is? and yes, we do understand that you have written a manuscript, we are constantly reminded everday.


I really like them. They all look so classy and at the same time modern, I don’t even know how to describe them.


OH. MY. GOSH! I am in loooove with Yellena AND Schoolhouse! I cannot believe my eyes right now. Wow. These are beautiful, beautiful! I have some prints from Yellena from Etsy and enjoy looking at them everyday!


denise, bringing the friday snark!

i didn’t see her name on the site because i was sourcing a different style. her piece caught my eye on the homepage and then i had to move on to… write the d*S manuscript. oh no- i said it again!



I’ve always loved her work. Coveted. But these are so beautiful… Imagine the light coming through the colours she uses? Perfection.


Grace! What a great find! I love schoolhouse and have been thinking about buying a piece from them. Now I KNOW I want to buy a piece from them and which piece-yay! Now how’s that book coming along? We all (well about 99% of us) want to know MORE :). As Peter Pan says “Think happy thoughts” there’s always one in the group…


No snark necessary really. Who cares how you found them? The fixtures are fantastic . This kind of stuff is exactly why i check this site on a daily basis and can’t wait to check out the book too!


oh snap. get ‘em grace lol. hilarious.

these are awesome! i wanna replace every light in my house.


I just recently found out about Yellena, and I’m so in love with her work. This is amazing, thanks for the great post!

jennifer g

These are really beautiful and suddenly I”m coveting–just another reason why we all come to this site–even the (very few) snarksters.

mandy behrens

Stunning! I’ve loved Schoolhouse Electric for years now and these add a totally new dimension to timeless style! Thanks for sharing, Mandy

anne marie

applause for good sportmanship on your diplomatic response, grace. ;)

schoolhouse electric’s lamps are lovely! i’m so pleased at the selection of retro lighting these days – check out for more ‘historical-inspiration’ lighting and hardware too…


These are so awesome. I love the clean lines of Schoolhouse pieces, but this artwork takes it to a whole new level. Someday I will have a place for that last light that you featured.


thank you for settling the lighting problem in my kitchen grace! yea! yellena! these are perfect.


Thank you for the post Grace. It was an amazing honor and joy to work with Yellena on this project. She is truly the sweetest, most down to earth and talented artist anyone could meet. btw congrats on the Lonny story– loved it! : ) With Gratitude, Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Anna @ D16

I am a HUGE fan of both Yellena’s work and Schoolhouse Electric’s fixture (and both feature prominently in my house), so this is a really special treat.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Grace. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, and this would have have passed me by otherwise.

(And thanks to Denise for giving me a good eye-roll. Heh.)

danger garden

As the wife of the Schoolhouse Electric Production Manager I admit to being just a little biased, but I have to say their lights are fabulous!

I saw the first samples of these shades months ago and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. Luckily we have just the place for a couple in our house. The only trouble is going to be deciding which color to get!

Design Esquire

Great post! I just bought some school house electric lights for my house, but my husband hasn’t had time to hang them yet. I’m dying to see them in place! These new designs are simply stunning. I went with the plain shades, but the styles you highlighted would be amazing in the right space.


I also love how everything is American made. Unfortunately that’s too rare these days…


Oh no! I just bought a pair of lights for my house, but I would have held off if I’d known these were going to pop up on the Schoolhouse Electric site. I love their lighting. Hmm, maybe I can order some of Yellena’s shades to swap out seasonally.


These are beautiful fixtures from Yellena! I broke one of the period fixtures in my apartment and Schoolhouse Electric in Portland was very helpful in finding me a replacement.


Wow! Those are absolutely amazing! I’ve always loved Yellena’s work and think it’s great that she has moved into the realm of 3D art with this collaboration. Those lampshades are stunning.


I love Yellena! As other posters stated above, I too have some of her work from her Etsy site, and recognized her designs right away. She has such a distinct style. Good for her for branching out to lighting. COOL!


thanks so much for this post! i have been looking for cool yet affordable lampshades and these are PERFECT! viva design sponge!!