writing paper

While working as an art director at Martha Stewart Kids, I became a paper gatherer. Just little bits here and there that we would collect for shoots. All kinds of paper, but I loved writing paper the best. College-ruled paper. Lined paper. School writing paper. Grid paper. Graph paper. You can get a decent collection started just by visiting an office supply store. Explore the reams of paper, index cards, notebooks, lined journals, business ledgers, and memo pads and you’ll be off and running.

Then you can do fun projects like these:

Make speech bubble thank you cards.

Or rocket ship birthday invites.

Or use your paper scraps for a “magical thinking” jar.

Haley Wulfman

It’s amazing how, together, they have a whole new charm! I’ve also always been a huge fan of Japanese papers, they are really spectacular. But this is a great post.

-Haley Wulfman


I loved MS Kids! These are such great ideas, thanks for sharing. I have a real hard time getting rid of paper scraps if I think they will be useful at all. And I am a scrapbooker so I have lots! so more ideas for using them the better. : )


Those kinds of everyday, utilitarian papers are the prettiest and here they have a whole new lease of life! top work :-)


I will never look at writing papers in the same way. The papers are beautiful, soft and nostalgic. I love the thought of encouraging children to hand write special notes in such a creative style. Wonderful idea!