Welcome, Erin!

Hi, tiny sponges! I’m so so thrilled to be sharing a bit of my cluttered headspace with you this week (thank you, Grace, for having me!). I’m sure you’re expecting something crafty, design-y or home-related from me, and although I love all three of those things, what I love more is pure, emerging talent. I’ve always been intensely interested in the story rather than the product; the person rather than the work. So this week, I’ll be sharing inspirational images and stories that, hopefully, will give you a deep breath of fresh air in the land of holiday smog.

The kicker? Each piece of respective work has one thing in common: their owners and creators can’t legally buy a lottery ticket or purchase an overpriced bottle of wine. From 16-year-old poets to 15-year-old photographers, these “kids” are under-age, and then some. Having accomplished more than some of us will in a lifetime, my hope is that we can look to our future generation for hope, encouragement and support amidst our lovely independent art/design community.

Are you in? Good. Let’s get started…


I am so excited to see your posts and have be enjoying your photos all year via flickr! congrats on the guest blog!