sneak peek: sandrine place


when you walk down the streets of paris you see a sea of black, grey, navy, brown and maybe a dash of red.  street fashion tends to stick to a basic and classic color scheme.  hence, it’s exactly for this reason that i absolutely fell in love with the home of wonderfully creative french stylist, sandrine place. she’s not only not afraid of color, she knows how to have fun with it. i first came across her distinctive styling for anne hubert of la cerise sur le gateau, where she regularly collaborates with – equally as awesome – photographer coco amardeil (who shot the images for today’s peek!). for those of you in europe, you likely have seen sandrine’s styling work which regularly appears in marie claire maison or in the beautiful creative book series editions paumes.  enjoy the rest of the “sneak peek” below, and don’t miss more of coco’s beautiful images of sandrine’s home right here. {thanks sandrine and coco!} -anne

[above: A Colorful entrance! I love this entrance because there’s a mix of books, pictures children’s drawing…it’s an everyday place because we take of four shoes, sit on the bench when we come back from work, school, etc. it’s a very nice place to be, because it’s a big passage … The yellow color was a real necessity because it’s like sunshine when you come in the house! ]

The fireplace, is where we are as soon as the cold arrives. It’s a wonderful place where we are all together. On Sundays we may sit all day long on the eames chair looking at the fire! the fire place is the central place of the house!

I love that long bench on each side like so we can sit near the fire, and it looks like we are in the country.

The entire space is open in the house but when you are in the kitchen there is the main block where every things happens! We cook, we do the home work, we draw , chat with friends.  It’s very convivial. The table is from design by O .  I need pieces of very flashy colour in the house to rythme the space. I need to live with color even if all the walls are grey, and like that so I can add all the colour I want. The chairs and the lamp are vintage, I did the lampshade and the black furniture is old  furniture for desk.

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The every day table place! I love the mix of flowers. This “table cloth” is an old one that used to be a curtain! I bought it in Sweden and i use it all the time. It’s very positive to have it on the table. The plates are all found in flea market but they all have flowers! And that’s me the back with my yellow shoes! I always need to have colors on me.


It’s just concrete on the floor and on the walls, with this new old bath that i love.


The stair is a mix of contemporary and old materials.


My bed is a little poetic place with garlands of Sophie Cuvelier and pillows by La cerise sur le gateau.


My little totem! with the book of the moment! Table and lamp by Habitat…Little Japanese doll Gaëkiko.


All my souvenirs on the shelves…..from travels, vintage flea markets.


For my son I did a mix of vintage furniture to arrange all his clothes, toys, books that I painted in all different colors…it’s so powercolor!!


I love the colorful dressers lined up next to each other! what a beautifully designed home.


I love all the color! Especially the pink shoes that match the pink bench.

And the dressers. Mmm.


Love, love, love. But use of chalkboard paint on the back of the front door? Genius.


beautiful color and mix of vintage and modern! thank you for sharing this. it’s joyful and comfortable. i love it.


I love the skinny little lamp!

(Anne: just so you are aware, the first time you mention ‘La cerise sur le gateau’ it should be ‘le gateau’ in the title of the shop…cake is masculine in French! :) )


The fire place, the table, the garland, the different coloured dressers, sigh. I love all of it.


The splashes of color against more toned down backdrops make the rooms feel lively while still exuding calm. Love it…and really love the mix of bureaus in her son’s room.


This is my favorite sneak peak so far. I can relate to her need to live with color!!


running out of new superlatives. but there’s a lot to fall in love with here. the fire place with the benches, the mismatched floral plates, the coat-stand in the bathroom, and oh, yeah, the bath. the garland, the shelves of beautifully curated treasure. the hallway. the..

now, i must go away to work through these feelings of all-consuming jealously.


the fireplace rocks, and I like the staircase, but otherwise, I’m with Rhonda- I don’t get it.

Megnificent Made

I love what you’ve done with the drawer’s in your son’s room. My apartment is entirely CLOSET-LESS and I have to suffer having multiple chests and cabinets in the room. Adding all of those beautiful colors really solves the problem!


What a great space! Love the yellow cabinets in the entrance (and the pink shoes) and that garland over the bed. So sweet!


Please can you help us find out how to buy Sophie Cuvelier’s garlands? I’m puzzling over her website. Would LOVE to know. I know I could make them… if I had the time…


Oh! Those pink shoes! I am dying to know where I can get them! PLEASE!

on a related note: I love how you use colours. I try to do something similar, and I am adoring the blackboard painted door!

judith b.

What is there not to get? This is one classy flat…that line-up of citrine closets in the entry way is so slick! The fireplace wall is delectable and the kitchen with its atelier windows is very high cool !
Thanks for the peek – would love to see more!


The dressers and the table are my favourites. You’re so right about the street style in Paris, last time I was there I wore a bright turquoise dress and felt completely and awkwardly out of place.


the kids room dressers were such a great idea! great personality in this design!


This space is clean with modernity but inviting with all of the personal touches.
Also, those pink shoes in the opening picture are fabulous! Anyone know where those are from?

Quilted Bedspreads

I don’t know what there is not to get either.

I love the vaguely eccentric mix of vintage and modern, and the building itself is wonderful – lovely and light, and slightly quirky.

Carol B. Neiley

What I love about this place is the fun of it. She is so original and whimsical and not a perfectionist, so that her personality and style stand out and you feel as if you know her (and like her.) Or at least I do. Bravo, c’est vachement beau!


What a cool space and so many colors. I searched for the garlands and found them on a site called I just ordered a set for my daughters room. These will be great over a crib.


I love the idea of brightly colored dressers lined up in a studio! That would be great storage…

Eliana Tomas

there are details in this house really stunning: the pink table, the red coat hanger, the yellowish hall/wardrobe/wall, the rocking chair by Eames in a dirty greenish…
and this is what i believe in interior design: these details, whether coloured or b&w, make the space full of personality. it’s a simple space yet full of character. love it.


I have the exact same coat rack. I bought it at a yard sale a while back for $5 and sprayed painted it the same red color!!!