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sneak peek: ombline de kersabiec

by anne

over the past few months, you may have noticed that many of my sneak peek introductions have involved a discussion of color.  for me it was subconscious, but i must admit that this semester i’ve been taking a class on color as communication in marketing and art, making me hyper aware of the color around me.  today i’m so excited to introduce the parisian home of stylist, textile designer and illustrator, ombline de kersabiec of les norvégiennes and zero’in.  she’s french and happens to be the neighbor and friend of sandrine place (check out her amazing home here in case you missed the first time!).  ombline’s home is a beautiful example, in my mind, of how the french, while classic and elegant, are also very forward thinking in terms of color and design. in her own work – and home – she loves juggling printed color and balancing them with form and material, while constantly trying new things, taking risks and looking to challenge herself.  i hope you enjoy this peek as much as we did! don’t miss more gorgeous views of ombline’s home right here! {thanks, ombline!}anne

{photos by rebecka oftedal}

[above: The entrance with its plain raw iron stairs. The radiators are raw iron copies of those to be found in old factories. A door at the back painted “fluo” [florescent yellow-green] is a link with all the other touches of fluo in the house.]

Opposite the kitchen an open fire where one could nearly burn a whole tree, as it is so wide. Made of raw iron is a sharp contrast to the softness of the oak wooden floor. Spending hours, just watching the fire, in winter is the best place to have ever lasting discussions about how better the world could be, and just little fluo touch with the cushions from « les norvégiennes ».

The kitchen, the sitting room and the dining room are all one, but the kitchen is the coloured spot of the room, all lined up in a harmony of blue with a fluo touch for the fridge. The everyday utilities hang from a line. All items are souvenirs, each one has a story of its one.

In the kitchen a large table with oak benches on each side, perfect for a dinner with 10 friends and also for a table for two. The set of tablemats and the cloth are customized with an application from « les norvégiennes ». I brought back the dishes from a flea market in Danemark, the glasses comes from India and the jug from a South of France flea market.

The wooden floor is continuous in the sitting room, the bathroom and the spare bedroom, so that  when the sliding doors are open its just a very large room all together. It’s very pleasant to have a bath with a fire burning near it.

CLICK HERE for the test of Ombline’s sneak peek after the jump!


Opposite the bath an old holiday camp washbasin it could easily become as well as a baby’s bath tub !


The bathroom , when I found this bath with its flowery feet in a boot sale I fell in love and I just painted it. For the curtains I used old linen sheets from my grand mother. I dyed them and I sewed them with crocheted doilies.


An old factory washbasin found in a boot sale is perfect to brush one’s teeth.


A niche above the toilets has been turned into a small temple dedicated to buffalos with an application from « les norvégiennes ».


The Spare bedroom opens on the sitting room, I really like the open space, a large row iron and glass sliding door close too save intimacy. Old holiday camp beds were painted in fluo.


I found this hifi set in a second hand shop, I really like his strict and sober line.


My bedroom, I wanted a light shelf for books, so I took a slate roof tile and hung it with cables. I like its fragility.


A small and quiet reading area in my bedroom. I enjoy mixing the prints, I found very different ones and I just mixed them, I silk-screened some of them in my Atelier [studio]. The lamp comes from a boot sale and I painted it.

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  • love love love this! so clean and neat and refreshing. really feeling the neons with this home! i agree with above commenter- this is one of my favorite sneak peaks in a while as well!

  • Perfect example of the french style, i love the greys mixed with the torquoise/ fluo. Looks so warm & cozy! So inspiring! The diy yellow curtains detail is so creative.

  • absolutely breathtaking! what is the grey finish in the bedroom walls? pure concrete or paint?

  • I love this, but I need to believe there is a ton of hidden storage. There’s just no STUFF. But then again, people with wonderful style know how to edit. :)

  • I love this mix of industrial, pretty and colorful. Thank you for these great French peaks!

  • Amazing! I love that it’s minimalism is not boring a white- there are patterns, textures, colors, personality galore and still incredible clean.

  • Grazi for adding a little more color to these posts! I was growing just a little weary of the all white/light walls. They have their place, to be sure, but it’s fun to see bold punches of color on these sneak peeks!

  • So very simple and complicated at the same time. Well thought out but not over thought. Just a wonderful working space. Thank you for sharing. Merci!

  • The link for Les Norvegiennes does not work and directly typing “lesnorvegiennes.com does not work either. Would really like a working link if anyone has it. Thanks!

  • I love the old leather chairs best of all. Looks like I need to be wandering the Salvation Army again to find some authenticity!

  • I love the lworn eather chair with the fresh print pillows too! Fantastic use of color!. What about the feng shui of that hanging book shelf dangling over you when you’re sleeping though…
    (I had an incident with a bedroom shelf years ago so forgive me).

  • very very cool…but that staircase isnt very child friendly lmao, or adult friendly…

    can you imagine hitting yourself on the edge of the step? yikes….

    It looks awesome, but from a far, very very far ha ha

  • That’s so amazing! Who and where is the genius who designed that! And “Ombline” what a name full of promises : if I were not married…

  • Amazing!!! Who designed such paradise? “Ombline”, what a name full of promises: if I were not married…

  • i’m not often a fan of color but the use of color here is fantastic. i love the kitchen and bathroom and adore that space where the sitting room, spare bedroom and bathroom meet. beautiful home!

  • Wow, this is so very nice! It’s really something new and different and brilliantly composed. And hurray for your color-awareness, Anne!

  • So FAB! I am enthralled with the old wash basins in the bath…both of them!
    Do you know the kitchen cabinet origins? Custom or off the floor and tweeked?
    really amazing sneak peek!

  • I do love the spare, rawness of this decor, the use of strong accent colors. But I have to say, those bare stairs are just a horrible accident waiting to happen. Sharp edges and slick surfaces add up to cuts, contusions and abrassions.

  • Wow, this is amazing. The flow of florescent color with wood and leather is surprising and so beautiful. It works together so simply and tastefully. Amazing!

  • Have to say; neat ideas, however
    I could never sleep under a fragile bookshelf hanging over my head.
    Too much tension. Stairs are interesting, blade like for shins and certainly not kid friendly.
    Concepts more art than function.

    • todd

      does everything have to be kid friendly? i feel like it’s rare that we post a home these days that someone doesn’t point out something “not kid friendly”, even if there aren’t children living in the home. it irks me that people feel the need to point things like this out constantly, as if to assume the people living inside are irresponsible. a lot of the parents’ homes we feature remove things like baby gates and safety latches just for pictures (and then put them back), so just because you see something that you think is unsafe, it doesn’t mean that children will be allowed near those things. i feel like unless a house is wrapped in foam bumpers people find something to be upset about, and it makes it really tough to find parents that are willing to share their homes, for fear of being attacked by other parents or commenters who “have” to say something.

      i’ll always allow people to voice constructive concern or disagreements, but i think it’s getting to that point where i feel the need to defend parents who consistently get questioned on this site for any sharp corner in their home.


  • I agree totally with the above and was also annoyed by the ‘not kidfriendly’ commenting. I mean, who says they have any? The stairs are beautiful and light. I enjoyed this sneak preview a lot, maybe the best ever!

  • Thank you Grace for saying that. People really do need credit children with some intelligence, if they live in a hazard free life how are the meant to learn.

  • I love the way she painted her walls and how she uses different colours even for one room. Her combination of light beige and mercury blue in the bathroom or beige and greyish pink with green in the sleeping room is so beautiful – and of course her bright prints-just a wonderful flat!

  • gaaaaahhh – so fabulous!!! i love the colors and that killer fireplace. very inspirational.

  • Hello. I like this place !! I would found a lamp like there is in the kitchen and the bedroom. Where I can found this type of lamp with bulb ??

  • I am going to copy the hanging book shelf. I want my books to go with us on our big move..we -ARE suppose to down size..my books are my comfort blanket …can not leave them. Has anyone else had this “problem”. H E L P

    This has been the best article I have read In a long time!

  • I just love the neon green camp beds. Great pop of color, really. But my favorite part of this abode has to be the kitchen with its clever riot of colored pots, and pans hanging on a rod across the wall. Great idea, especially since so many of us have pots and pans that won’t match ever, not now, not ever in this lifetime. Everything is within reach too. Same idea could work with pot holders too, now that I think about it. I’d go with a theme: crochet or hand-knit pot holders from kitchens past, gathered from thrift shops hither and yon.