sneak peek: katie kirk {eight hour day}


so many homes we feature in our “sneak peeks” feature beautiful white shells and bright colors, and are located in some major coastal city. so today is an extra refreshing look into the minneapolis, minnesota home (and studio!) of katie kirk and nathan strandberg.  together the talented couple make up eighthourday, a multi-disciplinary, multi-talented design boutique.  i love the way that the color black and dark wood become the focal color of their home without feeling dark or heavy. both katie and nathan claim their midwestern upbringings as inspirational to their style, which is then topped off with clean lines and a modern twist. it’s great too to see how their living and work styles compliment each other for a very well designed (life)style. don’t miss more images of both their spaces right here. {thanks, katie and nathan!} -anne

[above: The side table lamps are Jonathan Adler and the artwork is from CSA images.]

The dining room opens to a hallway that connects to the living room, and we didn’t want it to feel like a disconnect, so we stayed within the darker palette. However, in this room we tried to bring in some more lively, modern fixtures and accessories. If the living room is a glass of red wine, this room is a cocktail. We went with a large dramatic light from Design Within Reach.

Squirrel art and terrariums.

We went lighter in the bedroom to contrast a bit with the rest of the house.

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The print above the bed is an illustration I did awhile back and we recently had a large screen print of it made, specifically for the purpose of framing and putting above the bed, we do also have it available in our Etsy shop! I think we wanted something big and bold to act a bit like a headboard.


In the bathroom, we wanted to keep it clean and white.


The artwork is from Office, a design firm in San Francisco. They are from a series of pirate posters and promotional items they did for 826 Valencia, a nonprofit tutoring center for youth. We like to think this is how designers do a nautical theme. Bunny and books.


In the living room we were really inspired by the dark red woods of the trim, it reminded us of a study or a library, so we went with cozy dark colors on the walls combined with elements of nature. Slightly separated from the main seating area is a chaise reading or working area (also shown, our pooch, Eli, who coincidently matches the furniture)


In the kitchen, the cabinets are original to the house, and were restored in the renovation of the building. The artwork is a vintage find, birds of prey at the moment of attack, we don’t know why, but we find them fitting for the kitchen. I think the bizarre location makes us laugh. All and all though, we haven’t done a ton to the kitchen… after 7 years, sadly I think we will probably try to sell it coming up here in the spring, time to be moving on.


Front door and patio.  Our home is a condo in a four unit building in South Minneapolis. The building was built in 1922 and was restored with a high attention to detail, particularly, the wood features (the trim, floor, cabinets, etc). When we were looking at places it definitely jumped out at us, the craftsmanship.


We have loft studio in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis in the SoHo building, a unique space that combines commercial condos and loft living spaces. It’s been really great for us to have this creative space and keep it separate from the house.


Sitting area / meeting room / nap couch (used only in emergencies) /  and also, the chair on the right is where I typically work with my laptop.  We use two large wardrobes from IKEA to help divide up the space from the meeting area up front and the working area in the back. An ongoing collection of vintage and thrift finds. We like to call this Grandma’s Wall.


In the front, we have our meeting area. Because we don’t get a ton of natural light that far back in the studio, we decided to go bright yellow on the walls to help lighten it up. The artwork was created by us, for a while we had some of our work on display in the same location, however, I think the “inforgraphics” are much more fun. Our meeting table is the same as our dining room table at home. We have 2 haha! It’s an IKEA table and I just love the simple lines it has. The logs are actually ceramic (always a bit surprising to those who go to pick them up), got them from the Walker Art Museum shop.


Unicorn and quail vintage finds.


Where can I get those wonderful hanging lights. I see she has similar styles in the bedroom and living room?
Any suggestions?



so fantastic it hurts. i love how even with the dark colors their home feels so fresh and bright. i adore the shot of the squirrel art and terrariums. beautiful home!


I love the house, but there is a terrible spelling mistake in the paragraph about the living room!

“The dining room opens to a hallway that connects to the living room, and we didn’t want it to feel like a disconnect, so we stayed within the darker pallet.”

A pallet is a type of mattress or a low wooden platform. A palette is a range of colours.

I'm Revolting

I love the thoughtfulness of this home — everything is so beautifully places. And the wall color choices (that coppery brown and olive green) are absolutely brilliant.


Love the colors, detailing and art. I especially like how you worked with the wood tones of the molding and original cabinetry, which can be difficult.


Is that a comforter or duvet cover on the bed? Love It!! Where is it from?


I love it so much…The mood is fantastic! The print in the bedroom is super fun- as is the “faceted” spread.


amazing place of course and amazing choice of colors and mix of traditional and midcentury modern. I would love to know that the blue grey color is in the bedroom, it is such a rich warm soothing color. thanks


This is a great sneak peak. I love the rich brown wall color and the stark white. I’m always torn between using minimal monochromatic palette’s and bold colorful ones. I envy people with not only great style, but the money, time and great space to pull it off.


Thank you so much Cohen. I had been searching for these for a while now.


Your home is lovely…thanks for sharing. I have been looking for a dining set like yours….I love it’s clean lines.


I LOVE that Eight Hour Day was featured on here!!! I got to visit two years ago with our AIGA student chapter, and Katie and Nathan could not have been any nicer accommodating our large group and giving us a tour of their studio!!! :) Thanks, guys! :)


LOVE this sneak peek, def my favorite you guys have done. I appreciate that her space is just a bit more ‘stylized’ and i also love what she’s done with such rich, dark colors!


My boyfriend has the same bronze quail! We live in Wisconsin, so maybe our quail is a cousin!


I love the layout- what a beautiful home. Am particularly fond of your entertainment center that sits below your squirrel drawings- if you don’t mind, where is it from?



Question about the first image from CSA. Did you purchase the rights to use the pic and then print it yourself? I really like it and was curious about how you used this resource. Thanks!


hi cala

i’m sure katie will have a more detailed response, but i don’t think you need the rights to an image to use it in your private home. if anyone wanted to use it in their work, etc, then yes, rights would be necessary.



Hi Cala –
Yes, I bought the image from CSA Images here is a link:
They now offer the ability to purchase and download from their site, which comes with a limited one time use license for $39. Then I enlarged the print to the size I wanted in Photoshop and had it printed at a local place that does offers large ink jet prints.

Hope this helps!
:) Katie


Hi Shayna –
Yes, the sideboard under the squirrels is West Elm from maybe 5 years ago. Not sure if you can find it anymore…

:) Katie


I’m totally curious about the lovely dark wall colors, especially the caramel brown and the khaki green. Could you share the shades/brand you used? Thanks!


What is the bedroom paint color? Looks awesome!?!