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sneak peek: jesse and whitney chamberlin

by Amy Azzarito

photographers jesse and whitney chamberlin, from our labor of love, share their sunny atlanta home with their three-year-old son, gracyn. both jesse and whitney love that their home provides the best of both worlds – a tree house-style oasis and the ease and convenience of a city location (only one mile from atlanta). this talented couple has spent the last three years creating a home that would suit their modern tastes, but be practical and comfortable for their young family. {thanks jesse, whit and gracyn}amy a


The Chamberlin’s sleek modern kitchen is both stylish and practical for their busy lives.

A budget-friendly credenza from IKEA is filled with the couple’s favorite records. The “See Mystery Lights” photo was an image Jesse took at the Thunderbird Hotel when visiting Marfa, Texas with a group of women photographers.

CLICK HERE for the rest of jesse and whitney’s peek!

The hanging light is from Design Within Reach and the plastic shelving is Lachisch’s Cubitec Shelving.

The tipee is made by RoomMate, the design duo made up of Christine Schwarer and Anne Birgitte Balle. This is their hippie tippi play tent.

Gracyn’s room is decorated with colorful accessories and a cut-out curtain from IKEA.

A refurbished junkyard tub takes center stage in the bathroom with a tiered shower curtain from Anthropologie for a bit of feminine flair.

The desk is actually made of the same material as the kitchen countertop.  When it was being installed in the kitchen for the the first time, they messed up with the color matching so instead of throwing in away we went to ikea, bought some cabinets for support and voila- a wrap around desk for two.

An Ikea shelf covered with illustrations is filled with vintage cameras found on eBay.


A pair of vintage rabbit statues from Olde Good Things keeps guard in the backyard.

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  • such a lovely home! i need to make a trip to ikea for the credenza /record shelf and cut-out curtain. the teepee is sooooo sweet. greatness!

  • There is some really neat stuff going on in this sneak peek! Gracyn’s room: whats the story behind that nifty fold-down table? I like that giraffe image!

  • I really like the feel of this home. Its modern but stll feels very…comfortable and lived in ( which is a something I think is hard to achieve in most modern interiors). I love all the colour and that you get a sense of who lives here – which is nice.

    I am also a fan of Our Labor of Love – their work is amazing.

  • jesse and whit are very close friends of mine, and while i think their photography is some of the best i have ever seen, their house is even more stunning than photos could capture! they truly live with their style if that makes sense… some people buy style and awkwardly appropriate it into their life. jesse and whitney live in a stylish way that is natural and unforced which also shines through in their art. if you think their home is beautiful check out their work!

  • Dreamy!
    Love everything about their light, modern and inviting home. The kitchen absolutely took my breath and so did the bathroom curtain and the tub. The exceptional photography is a whole different love story…
    Gracyn’s giraffe screen/window/table accessory looks like a train window to me!? I like it a lot!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • i work for jesse and whitney (in our lovely office) and i couldn’t think of a better place to spend my days :) we all know that jess and whit got style…

  • opps…i guess i left some stuff out.
    (paul) the giraffe fold down table was from ikea. the great thing about it is that you can switch out the imagery behind the plastic and for small houses like ours you can fold up the table.
    thanks for all the great feedback! xo
    yes, the pendant light is also from design within reach.

  • Love the post! Your home has the perfect balance between modern clean lines and more loved vintage pieces. It’s warm and cozy like grandma’s place but fresh and contemporary, just makes you wanna sit and stay for a while (and chat about photography).

  • I want to leave in the dog tent in the backyard! Fabulous, modern taste and can’t believe you have a toddler! Where did you hide the stuff?

  • Great sense of style .. you can’t pay a decorator to do this.. such individual flair .. love it..

  • I’m totally in love with their work, so I’m not surprised that their house is so drool-worthy and gorgeous. Oh my gosh! I’m in looove.

  • I love the windows in the kitchen, a great view of the outdoors but with no sacrifice to privacy.

  • Seems like a perfectly balanced home. I la la LOVE the outdoor shots in particular, but where is this magical “one mile” from Atlanta? I’m a Decaturite myself, so I was just curious…not a crazy stalker!

  • love you guys and love everything about your house! so beautiful and stylish. hopefully one day max and i will make it out to atlanta so that we can see your beautiful home in person! (and sit in your tent)

  • Jesse and Whitney have an uncanny ability to make their home feel chic and comfortable. It’s my home away from home and it’s only improved by having the Chamberlin trio around for dinner and some Spiderman action.

  • Whitney and Jesse’s fantastic home is a brilliant reflection of their amazing style and it reminds me so much of their photography. It’s charming, stylish and so full of fun. Thanks for featuring such a wonderful famiy!

  • hands down most stylish family threesome! they inspire the world with their photography + now also with their modern yet cozy home design! btw, so happy to see the longboard scott gave whitney made it into the shoot for the feature : ) xoxo

  • What a beautiful home!! Are the hooks in the hallway made from tree branches? I need hooks for my entrance and those look great.

  • i LOVE the giraffe with the fold down table in gracyn’s room. it looks so fun. i could totally see myself pretending to “look out the window” x)

  • Beautiful home….the wall of windows is so dead on GOOD design.
    One can have all the beautiful furniture in the world but with out windows and natural light…it is lost. Amazing SIMPLE and Beautiful kitchen.!!!

  • just when you were already at the pinnacle of being the coolest folks i knew, you went and outdid yourselves. again.

  • Where are those dining chairs from? They’re lovely! (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume they’re vintage…but I still needed to ask)

  • Woah there Jesse! Victory Vintage did NOT go out of business…they did close their independent location on E. College and are now vendors at Kudzu Antique Market. They specialize in lamp repair and replacement shades, but they still have killer furniture and old maps in their booth.

  • Amazing! I’ve been looking at Our Labor of Love’s photos online, and this is the perfect peek behind the lens.

  • whit and jess have been so inspiring to me and my business. i could not be more privileged to know these two talented, smart, down to earth people. they really are truly special. congrats on the post guys. your home is just lovely.

  • Wow! It was so great to stumble upon this on my daily design sponge check! Whitney and Jesse did our wedding photography and did an AWESOME job! I am in love with the details!!! Now I need to be inspired to get off my butt and choose our pics!! LOL 2 yrs. later :)

  • jesse and whitney’s home is every bit as hip and homey as they are. being in their home or in their presence is always both inspiring and peaceful. they challenge me to reach farther and be happy with where i am. its a great combo!

  • Simply L.O.V.E. What a truly inspirational home, am in awe. Of course, I wouldn’t have expected any less from this truly inspirational photography duo!

  • What kind of hooks are those above the Lashische shelving? they look like tree limbs…?

  • i absolutel love the colors used in this home. it’s very creativeand inspiring…btw what is the name of the cradenza/record player drawer? i would love to see if it’s still available at Ikea;)

  • I am planning to turn our bath into a shower and love your set up. Where did you find the shower head/faucet/converter thingy???? Thanks!

  • Do you remember the name of the Ikea fold-down table? I can’t seem to locate it on their site. Thanks! Beautiful home!

  • Can you pleeeeease give more information on the fold down table and giraffe photo …Is it one you took yourselves or one WE CAN All buy ;-)
    please post a repy……