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sneak peek: halligan norris smith and adam smith

by anne

halligan norris met her husband adam smith in her hometown of savannah, georgia while they were both studying at SCAD. after getting married in may of this year, halligan (a jewelry designer for john wind signature/maximal art, among loads of other things) and adam (a bike mechanic and talented renaissance man) decided to make their way up north make their “nest” in under the el [subway] in philadelphia, pa. we’re so pleased to share their light-filled home, full of wonderful charms and stories, today in a “sneak peek.” enjoy the peek below and click here for additional, full-sized images. {thanks, halligan and adam!}anne

[above: The living room is where Adam and I spend most of our time at home.  We are always on the go so we wanted this room to be A.C.A.P.  (As Comfy As Possible).  The room is filled with family treasures and some of our dearest friends’ artwork.]

Adam and I found this amazing chair at a Philly yard sale for next to nothing, and the deer hoof footstool is one of my prized treasures! The bottom artwork on the wall is a Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur painted by Adam’s grandmother for us to commemorate our wedding day.

This mirror was my grandmother’s. It hung in her home for the extent of my mother’s whole life.  She was a special lady and I think of her every time I see it.  Hiding under the bell jar is a Jennifer Murphy wedding cake topper, one of my favorite artists.  It was a surprise from Adam on our wedding day!

Adam’s father, Bradford Smith, is a furniture maker. He made us the bed as a wedding gift. It’s the most beautiful and meaningful piece of furniture in our home.  The bars that make up the headboard are all vintage farm tool handles.  You can see more of his work at bradfordwoodworking.com.  The bedspread belonged to my grandfather.

Adam and I love to dumpster dive! We found one set of these chair arms to make parenthesis and our next-door neighbor found a perfectly matching set for us!

CLICK HERE for the rest of Halligan and Adam’s sneak peek after the jump!

Adam and I made this collage that mixes my collection of handmade vintage doll clothes and Adam’s collection of quirky old tools

Adam and I both have a soft spot for somewhat creepy critters, so we dedicated the loo wall to them.

Here my two favorite worn out jean jackets are hung on the armoire in our bedroom.

These shelves were our first collaborative project in married life.  On the wall above the stairs is a smattering of friends’ artwork and old ephemera.

In the dining room all the chairs are mismatched finds from yard sales and flea markets, except for the blue one which belonged to Adam’s parents when they were first married.

Cabinet of curiosities.  These built in cabinets are my favorite things about the house.

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  • Thank you for sharing. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to help me put built-in shelving on our stairs and he’s been having a hard time picturing it. Now I can show him this! Perfect.

  • I love your house! All the collections are great and I like the wooden letters above your bed and in the bathroom.

    And the carpet in the living room is absolutely gorgeous-who makes it? Did I miss that?

  • what a great home! i love your father-in-law’s work and all the interesting and quirky details. Can I ask where the lamps in the bedroom are from? I’m so picky about lamps, and like the simplicity of those very much.

  • Wow…this home is fantastic. Very personal, warm and inviting. That chair in the living room is amazing. I love that every room has something that was made by family/friends or came from them. Lovely.

  • Oh, man, where to start? That couch is the perfect green, the bed is so cozy and fun, so much exciting company in the bathroom. I love it. And congratulations on getting it together so quickly. We bought our place at the beginning of June and I still hate to be in 80% of the rooms.

  • agree with kristina…how did you get everything looking so warm and lovely in such a short time!? we’ve been in our place for almost 2 years now, and 1/2 the bedroom walls are still the old color. embarrassing. you’ve inspired me. oh and i love the collage you made together. really wonderful.

  • i love how you have combined the A.C.A.P. ethos with style! cool collage and i love your bookshelves under the stairs.

  • What a wonderful tour! I live in Philly too, and used to live just a couple of blocks from the el. Many of the homes have wonderful wood details and and gorgeous wood floors. I love all the light streaming in…even with the el nearby and that fabulous bed….I’m drooling over your home.

  • What a beautiful, beautiful home, and how lucky that such a talented couple found each other! Everything is so lovely, but the bed and the armoire are heartstoppingly amazing.

  • LOOOOOOVE Adam and Halligan! Their house is as amazing and beautiful as the art they make. There has never been a cuter couple anywhere. Thanks for this post- so so wonderful- pure magic!!

  • I can’t believe there’s such a charming home tucked under the El somewhere! My boyfriend and I are moving to Fishtown in January, and I only hope we can get our place as nice as this in such a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing!

  • oh how wonderfully it has all come together!! you guys are a dream team- you work so diligently and all that you do is so beautiful and happy and truly speaks your character and charm.
    i miss your smiling faces!

  • once again, i am so jealous of the plethora of antiques that pennsylvania has to offer! you’ve done a lovely job with them


  • this is the first home on design sponge that i’ve seen that’s not only beautiful to look at but also really resonates with my personal style. love it! that coffee table is amazing.

  • What a lovely post. Everything in this home has meaning and value. They have great taste, but that’s not even the point. This home is filled with love and it shows.

  • beautiful! love that you brought warmth and personality into a rental (read: no paint no wallpaper)!! such a challenge!

  • yay! Philadelphia!

    I love how bright and airy the house is and all the quirky touches – looks so gloomy.

    Their wedding is freaking adorable

  • What comes to mind first is your bedroom at home, WOW LOVE THE NEW YOU and Adam. LOL. Love Big J

  • I love everything about this tour…I think it is my favorite so far. All the meaningful family finds make it stand out above the more expensive ‘designer’ item tours. Love it!

  • Philly love!

    I love the built-ins between the living room and dining room. They remind me of some of the homes we looked at in the Fairmount section of town.

    I admire how you guys have made this place uniquely yours in a fairly short amount of time.

    A sidenote to all those curious about the living room rug – it’s the Klinteby from IKEA – which, unfortunately, seems to be no longer available.

  • The coffee table in the sitting room is lovely, couold you please tell me where you got that? Also the double bike rack is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • I love it! It’s wonderful that that everything has a story and that they personalized their space like this! These are all things other cash strapped people could do to make their living spaces their “homes”. I’m particularly taken with the bed. What a wonderful Dad to give them such a special gift!

  • Oh man, those cabinets are faaaaaaaantastic. I really love the mismatched chairs in the dining room! Also, did a very good job with the scattered photo frame look.

  • Your home looks like it is filled with so much love and humor and beauty… what a great way to start your married life. It’s beautiful! I love everything you’ve done — it makes me long for the days when I scoured thrift shops out of necessity and found some of my favorite and most treasured things that are still in my home today. The quirky art and bell jar displays are inspired!

  • Halli-bug:
    I am so proud of you! You and Adam have done a great job. Our Aub-muffin is grinning!! l, dsp

  • wow! what neat stuff you guys have. i don’t know how young/old you are but your collection of furniture, goods, decor, etc looks like it’s been acquired over years and years! thats what makes it so comfy, beautiful, and unique!

  • You have a very nice home.
    I loved your bed, so I have seen the work of Adam´s father in his site.
    You have a such talented artist as father in law!

  • I love your bed! I love that it’s partially made of old farm tools… so unique, and shows that a lot of care was put into its creation, which always makes a piece of furniture more important.

  • Awesome home! What great touches you’ve put into it. I’m thinking of painting my walls white. What paint color did you use? I’m having a difficult time choosing…I don’t want a stark, cold white. Thanks!

  • This is one of my favorite sneak peeks. I love the color combination of orange,green, black and all the interesting handmade items.Like the bed and coffee table. Really warm and fun.

  • This could be exactly what I want. Everything looks one of a kind but cohesive & it is the closest I could get to a minimalist looking house without missing my knick knacks.

  • What a cozy home! I love that most of your unique pieces are hand made or handed down, it gives the home a warm feeling that I get when around family.
    I also love your new studio/ gallery! The yellow couch makes me melt.

  • How could I have missed this post?! What a FANTASTIC space and right under our Philly noses too… I’ll be sure to feature it on my lil ol’ blog in the days ahead…

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love this home! It is so warm and lovely. I’m always thrilled to see Philly homes featured!

  • Love to finally see the place- I have heard alot about it! And it is a special treat to see one of my pieces going up your stairs on the wall. YEA! I am going to use the suitcase under the bed trick you showed too- GENIUS!