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sneak peek: erin heath

by anne

erin heath is display coordinator for anthropologie in chestnut hill, massachusetts and most recently for the boston store where she is responsible for the design and execution of all display elements within our store (windows, large-scale installations, etc). she also does a variety of freelance work which ranges from decorating/rearranging residential interior spaces as well as creating custom installations or decorations for weddings and events (she made the beautiful paper garlands for grace’s wedding!). today we have a great sneak peek into the small two-bedroom she shares with her boyfriend erich, and sweet pup, olive, in somerville, ma. they were initially drawn to it two and a half years ago for the positive energy it exudes and its humble nature (and the private romping ground for olive). {thanks, erin!}anne

[above: Not only am I inspired by materials, but I am a lover and collector of both imagery and object. This couch was one of my greatest finds! I found it at an antique consignment shop up in Davis Square. I fell in love with it the moment I walked in the shop!  The slatted coffee table came from a shop on Mass Ave called Abodeon that sells gorgeous mid-century furniture and sleek modern design. The mixed media painting hanging behind the sofa is my own work. What I am drawn to most is creating a sense of texture…the tufted sofa, braided rug, plastic chairs, fiberglass, wood, paper, and screen…this is true for my work as well as my home. I love the juxtaposition of natural vs man-made and the dialogue that they create within a space. To me, it feels open and accessible.]

The embroidered print is from Anthropologie and was created by artist, Maxine Sutton. The lamp was discovered and picked up while Erich and I were out in San Fransisco last summer at a unique, one-of-a-kind store in the Mission called X21 Modern; we flipped a coin with the owner to bring it down in price, we lost but bought it anyway.

The chairs are one of my other greatest treasures…they were found in a little shop up in Portsmouth, NH, Re-Inhabit; the owner is the sweetest lady ever and carries an array of great mid-century design, from furniture, to tableware, a collection of paint-by-numbers and vintage clothing. This table has had many lives…I’ve changed the color of its legs countless times. I love the idea of re-use and re-creating something old into something new and fresh.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Erin’s peek after the jump!

The second of the two-bedrooms in our home is where I house all my art supplies, tools, and desk. The butterflies were a gift from a previous co-worker who moved to Seattle; the little deer mounted photo was purchased at a cute shop in Silver Lake when Erich and I were out in L.A. this past spring.


We put up the pipe and flange above the stove to house some of our most-used pots and pans. We cook a lot of wonderful suppers on this stove, I’ll be sad when one day we move out and have to leave it to the next lucky renters.

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  • Hi! I just want to aid in a correction: it’s Somerville, not Summerville. I live there myself (in Davis Square to be exact). It’s a great place to live, so I just want to make sure that it’s credited properly! :)

  • so wonderful! i never tire of the combination of blue, orange and red … always fresh and beautiful.

  • I love the wall colors in the bedroom and the sewing room….do you happen to remember what they are? Thanks!

  • I love the mixture of textures, and a gorgeous palette as well!

    My black and white frenchie who is also named olive says hi to your darling puppers! She could be a chunky daughter of your Boston (?)…

  • I would jump through flaming hoops for that sofa. For the whole place, in fact. Beautiful!

  • Love, love love!!! Very cozy and cute.

    P.S. Where is the lamp in dining are from? I need something just like it!

  • Erin- beautiful space! I used to have your job- I was the first display coordinator in the chestnut hill store. A great job and clearly you are an extremely talented person to be doing it!

  • sarah, I believe the painting is one of erin’s own works.

    I also love this apartment because it looks attainable! Erin is obviously brilliant at what she does.

    Are the blue chairs fiberglass? If so, I will feel a special guilt for throwing away a chair just like them because it gave me hives!

    One thing puzzles me… why a lamp above the stove?

  • Erin Heath your space is beautiful!!! I was so proud to see your work on ds!!its been a long time since BI and uconn…looks likes your are doing so well!

    -Leah fellow huskie and S.H. BIRI ;)

  • thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments (esp. in regards to olive)!

    the wall color in the bedroom is ralph lauren’s lafayette. i don’t remember the name of the color in the office area but it is the behr 2 in 1 paint and primer. the pillowcases are from dwell studio. the lamp above the kitchen table is from ikea.

    stella–i love the lamp above the stove while i’m cooking rather than using the bright fluorescent light that’s already there. i’m a really big fan of using a lot of indirect lighting. i find it soothing and that it creates a nice atmosphere. :)

    meredith- that’s crazy!! the chestnut hill location was my first love, i miss it a lot but boston is such an adventure!

  • You must have the greatest job ever!!! Not only is Anthopologie my favorite store, the in-store installations are always so crafty and architectural at the same time!

    Plus, I think Olive is just about the cutest name ever for a dog!

  • Very cozy and stylish. Probably won’t be getting to Mass anytime soon, but thanks for letting us in on where you got things in S.F. I had seen that Anthropology bedroom print in a magazine, but thought I’d never know its origins.

  • i loved you nail piece in your website. i think you are doing such a great job with the store. its one of my favorites.

  • Could you please share the resource for your quilt? It looks like a cloud of coziness!
    L O V E your H O M E and the splashes of color! pErFeCt!

  • I LOVE (caps are not enough, really) what Erin does in the Chestnut Hill store so much that I tend to check it as an installation space, not even looking at the racks. Incredible talent and inventiveness.

  • Could you talk about the ‘desk’ in the sewing room? I found something similiar recently and wonder @ its original purpose. Your home is wonderfully warm and welcoming!

  • Your home is so inspirational! I LOVE your living area! The colors and textures are amazing! (the pup is pretty cute too!) Your are super talented… love your work at Anthropologie, they are lucky :)

  • Erin–I love that the butterflies are alive and well! Did I ever tell you they traveled from Seattle to Scotland, Chicago, and finally found a home with you in Boston. Exactly what I have always imagined your home to look like–beautiful, inviting, and full of items that each have their own story.
    Miss you and hope you are well!

  • Very nice, Erin. Can you come and do this at my house? Looking forward to seeing your creations in the downtown Boston Anthropologie this weekend.

  • holly & louise- the cloud-like duvet is called “cirrus” (how appropriate!) and it’s from anthropologie.

    lorna- i found the desk on craigslist and just loved it for it’s danish modern design– i’m not sure the history though. try researching “danish modern” perhaps?