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sneak peek: ed roth of stencil 1

by anne

over the summer i got my hands on a copy of ed roth‘s book, stencil 101. i’m a big fan of street art, but i have to say even though i was using washable chalk spray “paint,” i’m not sure i have it in me to be a professional guerilla artist (it was still great fun). but his latest book (out this week!) – stencil 101 decor – seems like something right up my alley and the best of both worlds.  it’s great to see how ed has incorporated his work into his own williamsburg brooklyn duplex loft. there are only a few units in the building – that was an old brick bakery in a former life – but it means there are lots of great elements like exposed beams, which are mixed with great modern touches that sold ed on the place. as ed points out, it has great history and soul. click here for more images of ed’s home, and don’t miss all our fantastic sneak peeks right here! {thanks, ed!}anne

ps: amy merrick will be back next week with a new “living in” movie design column. she’s finishing up new projects for the d*s book this week. amy azzarito will be back with another history column in 2 weeks!

[above: Medical cabinet on stenciled wall: I found this medical cabinet at Boeing Surplus store in Seattle. The surplus store has since closed but it was so affordable and very inspiring.  This cabinet sits in my kitchen and since I have a small place, I have to make each space functional while keeping it looking decorative. I decided a color and material theme for this cabinet: glass and natural elements. It contains glasses, glass dishes, a Tibetan carved wood bowl, cigar box full of candles, medical glass, all my sepia colored books, a vintage framed print of natural patterns, shells, and one turquoise chinese dog I’ve had since I was 7.  And of course the wall is stenciled with one of my new repeat patterns from Stencil 101 Decor in a pale robin’s egg blue.]

View from Sofa to kitchen: The space is one large room for the kitchen, dining area, and living room. I like to have a mostly neutral colored base to the apartment then add color with accent furniture, textiles, and art work.  You can see my old turquoise work table that is the dining table. I found it in the back yard of  garden shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It is perfect counter height so I bought 6 modern leather counter stools to surround it.  A Cafe Bustelo coffee can makes a great vase too! There are two large cylinder lights hanging in the space purchased from CB2 and you can see a pillow on the sofa, I love Arican kuba cloth.

There’s my live/work table again. I could never paint it to look so nice and warn!  The pencil and brush holders are antique Mexican sugar cone molds bought at a flea market in NYC on 26th street.

Stacked old wood crates make a fine bedside table for me. I love the bottle marks! I keep a few books bedside to read, the bottom red book is a fairy tale book I’ve had since a child, full of great illustrations and dark stories. The antique hat mold(ebay) holds my favorite hat that was my Father’s. The ceramic and wood reading lamp is by Dutch designer Dick Van Hoff  and the bed is from West Elm.

for the rest of Ed’s sneak peek after the jump!


Above the bed, I have seven framed pencil sketches by Salvador Dali, “Siete Días de la Creación” (Seven Days of Creation). They are super stream-of-conciousness, dreamy, odd drawings. I thought that was fitting for a sleeping room. I bought these in Spain. I love Dali!


This is a view of the spiral staircase to the bedroom.  Bookshelves (Ikea!) run floor to ceiling. This is one out of the way place in the apartment to put all my eye candy!
Design books, framed photos, and lots of objects line the shelves. Each shelf has a sort of theme and a hierarchy.  the painting is by an artist, Marcus Jansen,  who licensed my stencils to create a few paintings. He specifically did this piece for me, it’s about me and my Father and features my Ranchero (my car he gave me).


This dark steel table (Housing Works Thrift Shop 136 W. 18th St.)  is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. It is BEHIND the sofa but it is a coffee table height. I like to call it my Current Events table. I change it up sometimes to display something I want to show friends. It has a shadow box I made about my parents including a letterpress piece I found that my dad made for my mom that says “I love you Ginny with all my heart”. Also on the table are Eiffel tower souvenirs, I just went to Paris.  The large Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is always on display, in my opinion, a designers must-have book. And my first book is to the right :) Under the table are baskets one for for shoes, one for throw blankets.


This is the view from the bedroom. To the left is a large terrace. Also on the left, that’s an old wagon wheel I found in a collapsed barn upstate. The “painting” is actually an Eels album cover enlarged and custom mounted.  It shows children walking with hunting guns through a landscape of birds. Again, neutral space with colorful art!  And the spiral stairs and landing have that industrial look I admire.


Stealing the show, is Larry, my best friend! The terrace is a blessing, very nice to sit up there, bbq, relax. The low chairs are from Ikea. the idea is to fill the terrace with plants, a fun work in progress!

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  • The delicate and worn bottle marks inside the crates , so mmmm. It’s that sort of texture and detail which has a big impact for me. And that blue table is worn to absolute crying out loud perfection.

  • what can i say besides, love at first sight! my boyfriend and I desperately need bedside tables, and we have both worked in the basement of a wine store… there is surely something we can use there!

  • Love that it has both a warm & an industrial feel. And yum on the wine crates with the bottle marks-perfect!

  • What a great space. I love that work/dining table and the terrace is amazing (jealous!). Thanks for sharing.

  • I have that same fairy tale book. crazy world we live in. LOVE the colors on neutral base… will have to check out the book!

  • Loved the Surplus Store! Lots of mid-century furniture there, but once you found out that those egg chairs were once mainstays in the ladies bathroom, it lost a lot of charm. Nonetheless, Ed did a great job repurposing that cart!

    Great pics and lovely home!

  • Yes – I miss Boeing surplus. And while they do have an online auction site now it’s just not the same as sneaking down on a Tuesday to look for treasures.

    I love the details of this sneak peek.

  • Ed, you are a master! I love how clean and airy your space is, but it still feels personal and well lived. Thanks for sharing

  • Can I come visit? I LOVE your loft and all of the personal touches. I now have a crush on your turquoise table.

  • Larry is so cute! He makes a fine addition to your lovely home. I adore crates too. I just picked up 3 for $1 at an estate sale this weekend. Mine were used on Japanese fishing boats to pack fish and have Japanese characters on the side. I love the idea of using them as a bedside table!

  • I really like the dali sketches four over three like that. As many wall montages as I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a placement like that!

  • I will never forget “discovering” Stencil 1 at the Pool trade show in Vegas back in 2005 and being so blown away by how amazing this little idea was. 4 years later I’m carrying the book in my shop and am still blown away by how incredible ed’s aesthetic really is. good work!

  • Gorgeous home! Such inspirational photos! I adore that medical cabinet lots. :) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to yoU!

  • I’m a huge fan of Ed’s work, having purchased Stencil 101 earlier this year. I sent him pictures of some baby onesies that I stenciled, and he was nice enough to put them on his blog. From that experience I knew he was a cool guy, but now I see he’s the coolest of cool. I love, love, love the aesthetics of his space. Thanks so much for featuring him.

  • wow. i love all of the worn wooden elements (the crates, that turquoise table that we all seem to love) with the industrial steel. all of the personal touches are still so cool/modern. i love the terrace too. fantastic home!

  • Very humbled by all the kind words here! Thank you very much. Someone asked the colors of our place. They are Sag Harbor Gray and Gettysburg Gray by Benjamin Moore. Thanks again for the sneak peek Design*Sponge and I hope you all enjoy Stencil 101 Decor!

  • I totally need that dinner table! Your place looks quite amazing, dark and serious, but I really like it. You can tell even the small objects have an impact on the overall look/vibe of the place – like the medical cabinet or the turquoise wooden table. Love it!

  • this stencil book is the PERFECT Christmas gift for my sister! Thank you so much for sharing this info and artist. What a find!


  • Beautiful and inspiring! One little detail question: how did you hang the curtains in “the view from the bedroom”?

  • This apartment is perfectly balanced. LOVE all the sentimental touches and the rooftop terrace must be so dreamy in person. I’ll definitely check out your book as my double height front entry needs a graphic punch.

  • The blue honeycomb wallpaper is beautiful and fits the space perfectly.

    I like that this apartment feels vaguely masculine but isn’t cold or abrasive like some “manly” homes are.

  • Hi and thanks again for the great comments! As for the curtains, we used two wire kits from Ikea. And the honeycomb “wallpaper” is a stencil from the new book, just keep repeating it and voila! Thanks again!