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sneak peek: annie coggan

by Amy Azzarito

the first thing you’ll notice about annie coggan‘s home is the chairs. there are chairs in every nook and cranny. if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that these aren’t your run-of-the-mill seat furniture. in addition to design classics like a womb chair and an eames rocker, there are chairs with embroidered detailing and side chairs that have been painted and fused together. after many years of brooklyn living, annie moved her family – and her chairs – down to starksville, alabama mississippi where she and husband caleb teach at the college of architecture, art and design and are also partners in coggan crawford architects and designers. just last year, together with brother ted coggan, annie opened little building café, annie designed the space and it’s filled with even more of her chairs! {thanks annie, caleb and madeline!} – amy a

[Together with our daughter, Madeline, Caleb and I arrived in Starkville in 2007.  Madeline and I immediately fell in love with this house – a 1902 Queen Anne in town.  It is unruly – more space than we need but a very welcome change after life in a compact Brooklyn brownstone. The house has become a laboratory for my furniture design work and I always try to balance the room with color, since my attitude about color is there is no bad color.

This is our living room or as 19th century ladies used to say “the best room,” which I love.  It does have all our Best Stuff in it. The light is a modern take on the southern chandelier culture.  It is from the Turkish company Auto Ban. The wing chair is a piece I made. I embroidered a map of William Faulkner’s homestead Rowan Oak and the green fringe on the seat is meant to represent the colias in the front half of his garden. All the mats in the house are by Christopher Paul.]

The Saarinen Womb chair is the most favored chair in the house. It sits directly in front of the TV.  The blue side board is a piece I designed – it’s painted metal and meant to accommodate speakers, books, games, etc. The drawings above are mine.

The Eames rocker was a birthday present from my husband.  The yellow chair is part of the garden series of chairs that I am working on – This one is Eudora Welty’s garden. The large painting is a student painting of Caleb’s and the small ones are from Brooklyn painter Jason Novetsky.

We are firm believers in Ikea when in need of drawers, closets, or shelving – this bunch has been in two houses.

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The Eames Hang-It-All is my favorite functional object. The love seat is a piece I designed and consists of three small side chairs spliced together – we call it the 1,2,3 chair.

We only redid one room in the house (a record for us) and made an old water closet into a master bath. By the time I had finished Little Building, I swore never to buy new again. Almost everything in the bathroom, except for fixtures, had a previous life.  The mirrors were so cheap and interesting that I bought a ton and painted them all white.

The wonderful secret about the Tord Boontje curtains is that they are on their second house, they were in our front room in Brooklyn for years – I rolled them up for the move and was thrilled that they look so good in this room. The bed is our big New Job purchase from DWR and the bedspread is the most blogged bedspread ever but I love orange…so I don’t care and it looks great with the curtains and the sunlight through the curtains. The chair is the brilliantly designed Ellan chair by Chris Martin for Ikea.

This is my studio! One of the most exciting things about the southeast is the amount of letterpress printing work that is done here.  Led by printer guru Amos Kennedy in Gordo, Ala., the poster art is certainly happening here. I try to grab all the good ones and build on my collection.  The chairs are in process, a commission for chairs like the Little Building chairs.

The porch is the reason we bought the house. After all if you’re going to move south from Brooklyn you better get a porch.  The loveseat on the right is from my series Love seats for Virginia Woolf.

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  • LOVE the mirrors! They bring such serenity to the bathroom. I think I might have to steal that idea for some room in my apartment!

  • hi-
    I guess I am out of the loop…where is the orange duvet/quilt in the master from? I LOVE it. It would be perfect in my daoughters room! Someone, please do tell.

  • This is a really lovely house. The bathroom is great – love the painted mirrors.

    The sweet trio of blue chairs under the coat rack: you must be a Roy McMakin fan!

  • a good reminder that another chair is always a good idea (going back to the thrift store for the one I left behind…)

  • Annie Coggan is a professor in the Interior Design department at Mississippi State University & was my Furniture Design teacher! I knew which house she lived in but never got to see the inside before I graduated. Thanks for this sneak peak! Annie is brilliant and by far one of my favorite designers!!

  • I really like the bed (at least what I see of it). I seems to have vanished from DWR, though. Could I get details on the manufacter/model, please?

  • Absolutely love this house.

    @Stephanie –

    It looks to be the Andrea Kakel duvet from Ikea.

  • Hey, Annie- SCI-Arc, right?!?

    She is one awesome lady- can’t say enough about her as a person, but I can say I LOVE your chairs!!!

  • oh my goodness, starkville is my hometown! glad to hear such cool people are moving there. I’ll be sure to check out the little building cafe next time i go home; it looks great!

  • Thanks for all the sweet words. yes, I am the same Annie who went to SCi-Arc and taught at Pratt. The Mats are Christopher Paul from Atlanta and the link is at the head of the post. The DWR bed is a great italian designerbut sadly seems to be out of production-but call DWR they are always so helpful. The duvat cover is indeed Ikea-thank you for the help. And thank you Amelia for the MSU cheerleading…go dawgs!

  • I suspected the duvet was from ikea. I actually purchased the same one from Salvation Army for $1.50 a few weeks ago.

  • What a wonderful sneak peek. Absolutely inspiring to see the home of Annie given how wonderful the Cafe photos are. I love her chair collection as I am a chair addict myself!

  • OH my I just love this home. Especially the yellow chair and the beautiful sculpture on the mantel…anyone know the artist?

  • I think I love the porch almost* as much as I love the chairs. What an exciting sneak peek & series of work. I can’t wait to explore the rest of Annie’s work.

    * I could never really love anything as much as I love chairs.

  • Sneak peeks, such as this, are like countdown to moving day from New York. I have an unreasonable fear of big houses but this manage to look so comfy and intimate yet inspiring. What a lovely piece of art!

  • I love your drawing in the picture with the Womb Chair.
    Since there are so many letterpress printers – have you thought about re-printing and selling you sketches?

  • Wow i love your chairs! The bench under the coat rack especially. Also the yellow upholstered chair with the flowers is so unique. I’m upholstering my first chair now…not easy!

  • I went to MSU for Interior Design and I wish that Annie could have been my furniture design teacher! She is incredibly talented, and MSU is lucky to have her! Go Dawgs!

  • annie was my favorite professor at parsons. i knew she was working on some chairs, but i hadn’t seen the garden series! adore them. congrats, annie!

  • WOW!! Annie! – love the furniture, colors etc. etc. – so nice to see your stuff – you seem to be thriving back in your southern roots…

  • I am trying to find that orange metal desk on casters in the living room picture – can anyone help!?!

  • Love the Porch!! I am redoing an old farm house.. can you tell me what color you used on the porch?? Thank you