seasonal bloom

we like to surround ourselves around seasonal beauty. we are lucky enough to have a mild climate where something is always blooming. we have chosen a few friends to make some arrangements, enjoy these fall blooms!

susan woodard is a floral designer and artist living in new orleans. after spending several years in new york, she got back to her ‘southern roots’ and opened up a shop called susan woodard floral design. she designed a fall arrangement with with kumquats, meyer lemons, key limes, golden rain tree pods, hibiscus, hidden ginger, coleus, american beautyberry, sumac, and ornamental pepper.

lucy allen is a lifelong flower arranger. she designed a fall tableau featuring: bittersweet, gourds, dahlias, mahonia, and glass gourds.

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alice bullock, a longtime student of Ikebana. she designed a japanese arrangement using fern leaves, rose hips, and tansy.

rebecca wood is a promoter of beauty and owner of R.Wood Studio Ceramics and beautyeveryday. she made a fall tableau featuring beech and sweet gum branches, camellias, magnolias, pumpkins, and goldenrod.

Michaela at The Gardener's Eden

Beautiful ;)
What a lovely way to start the morning. I am on my way over to a museum-garden design project in the excavation phase, (mud!) – so I will keep these lovely images from your warmer climate in my head on this grey, raw, wet November day. Your arrangements look good enough to eat!
Happy thanksgiving, Michaela


Heard/read something yesterday about Asian bittersweet (vs. native) and how it is strangling other native species. Recommendation? Don’t pick it, don’t use it, definitely don’t put it out where birds can eat the berries and scatter the seeds. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.


Wow. These are all stunning, and that pink dining room is divine! I love the urns on the mantelpiece, the chandelier, the color on the walls, everything is perfect! The floral arrangement is so lovely, what a perfect combination of flowers, leaves and berries. Well done!!

Ella Myer

I completely love the abundance of berries and fruit and the minimalist use of actual flowering blooms. What a fascinating solution for a green, sustainable design concept.