remedy quarterly + jill’s final post

with the mainstream publishing industry struggling these days (r.i.p, gourmet), it’s been wonderful to see so many independently and self-published magazines and books on the market. one of the self-published magazines i’m most excited about is a new food journal called “remedy quarterly“. remedy describes itself as “stories of food, recipes for feeling good” and is illustrated in pink and red colors that i find impossible to resist. each issue will have 48 pages (8.5 x 5.5 inches in size), be printed in 2-color offset printing (like the old community cookbooks that inspired the authors) and will be 100% content, ie: no ads.

the first issue’s theme is “home” and includes a q&a with tim of lottie + doof, an interview with will gilson (of cambridge’s famed garden at the cellar) and a story from stacey slate, writer for the ny times food blog bitten. kelly, aaron, jillian and ari (the boston/brooklyn-ites who founded the mag) are currently raising funds for the magazine, but you can go ahead and pre-order or subscribe and get all sorts of goodies like recipes and homemade cookies on their website. i love the promise that this publication holds and am excited to see what sort of creativity comes from the lack of glossy magazines available on stands. here’s hoping that more pubs like remedy (and my fav: edible brooklyn!) can fill the shelves one day…

ps: click here to check out remedy’s clever list of hangover and spicy food remedies on their site…

pps: click here to check out jill’s final post on rain solutions, yurts and domes!

DC Sarah

Just backed them/subscribed! So excited to see what’s in store.

Jayme Ludwig

Yes! Love the retro design. Reminds me of old cookbooks or instruction manuals.


Oh that’s so exciting!! I’ve spent the last few months obsessing over creating my own little publication & it’s so nice to see others out there too. I will definitely need remedies all the time :) And I didn’t know about kickstart either (boy that would have made my life easier a few monsth ago, cest la vie :)

Thanks for the post and nudge in the right direction :)