new from elisabeth dunker

the lovely elisabeth dunker of fine little day recently launched a series of artwork called “fine”. the first in the series is this beautiful print called “rebuild square”. each of the prints will be focusing on a mix between old embroidery, ornamental folk art and modern pixelated graphics. in december elisabeth will be adding cutting boards and mats with the same theme, but until then you can pick up elisabeth’s first print right here for $35. thanks, elisabeth! [click here to see elisabeth’s beautiful home]

ps: i’m so thrilled to welcome brooke of inchmark to the d*s guest blog! click here to check out her first post. welcome, brooke!


Lydia, Clueless Crafter

I saw a lovely embroidery at the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend that reminds me of these. Elisabeth’s have a bit more edge than the one I saw which showed a 18th century drawing room scene.