new from bev hisey

whew! today is the final deadline for the d*s book manuscript and i am still writing up until the very last second. so before i dive back into the book i wanted to kick things off today with a beautiful new series of pillows and rugs from designer bev hisey. bev’s amazing home will be featured in the book- and i can’t wait to share her incredible space.

until then, these pieces are part of bev’s newest line. i have a serious crush on the letter pillow- it’s got such a modern but slightly army blanket feel, which i almost always love. the river rock carpet at the top of the post is equally sweet and sleek- i’d love to see it in a mustard yellow. but no matter what color, bev’s work is always so gorgeous in person. if you want to check out her newest pieces, click here to view the full collection. thanks, bev and matt!

*stay tuned for FOUR sneak peeks coming up next! amy and anne have been coding like crazy to help out during my crazy book deadline so we have an extra special dose of homes today. thanks, ladies!

also- the d*s guest blog will vacant this week so i can give myself a little break from extra coding.



this “in the woods at night” rug is so amazing, i love it so much. wish I could afford it!


I concur! I got to meet her at ICFF way back in 2005 and see her stuff in person. I featured one of her table runners from the “botanical” line in an independent study project i was working on back in college. Simply Lovely!


I LOVE that rug, and the pillows on the website are so sweet- I wish I could afford them. Maybe after I finish college! :)


why did they put that beautiful white pillow on the dirty ground!!! now you will never get it clean!!!….

im crying a bit…so so sad…


Yay for Bev! I love her work, plus she’s one of the most brilliant/crazy/interesting people I know. Oh, and wait until you see her new Mommie Dearest carpet…