new d*s desktop wallpaper: camilla engman!

i can’t believe that it’s already november (where has this year gone?) but that means it’s time for a new d*s desktop wallpaper! this month designer/artist camilla engman is our guest artist and she’s created a truly beautiful series of wallpaper designs with and without dates. i love the way the dates run across the islands on the bottom of the image (detail shot below) and the variation in patterns used for each little island, home or character. want to give your desktop a makeover this month?

CLICK HERE to download all of camilla’s wallpapers with or without dates.

thank you again to camilla for generously donating her time and work to our wallpaper project! you can also download date-less versions of august (deanne cheuk), september (lena corwin) and october’s (dan funderburgh) wallpapers right here!



Thanks so much for this! Like Jen before me I think this is my favourite so far! It’s really gorgeous!


Thank you for another beautiful month! Quite a few of my coworkers have gotten into D*S after inquiring about my many beautiful desktop wallpapers.


love this desktop! just switched mine out for camilla’s. yeah! and happy 5th anniversary grace.


this is really pretty! I was wondering if this wallpaper was available for bigger screens? I have a ridiculously big 30″ monitor (2500 x 1600).



sadly we can’t offer the images at larger resolutions because most of the artists felt the images could be reproduced from that size for resale purposes. since they are doing these pro bono, i didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable doing anything that might put their original work at risk.



What a beautiful scene. Thank you so much for doing this, really I look forward to the beginning of the month to see what wallpaper treats will be available :)


I love it! It’s gorgeous. Thanks to Camilla for sharing her talents with us and to Grace for disseminating it through the miracle of l’internet.


One of my favorites! And thank you for always allowing a calendar option! Makes my desktop pretty and functional ;)


Gracias! Thank you Camilla, it is very inspiring and calming having this november beautiful illustration happily at our desktop. We love the owl!


No more new desktop calendars or wallpaper? Or am I just not finding it?