john and carolyn malone’s home

when john and carolyn malone’s cabin made its first appearance on their spread just south of high shoals, it was a pile of logs on a flat-bed truck. now, thirty years later, it forms the heart of a light-filled complex of cabins and farm buildings transformed by john’s beautifully proportioned window panes and by carolyn’s dexterous use of humble textiles, utilitarian objects, and simple furnishings that reflect the owners’ deep connection to their home, and to the world beyond their sturdy walls.

this place proves that comfort doesn’t have to be derived from central heat and a.c., or from room-sized walk-in closets. it’s derived from implementing your vision, from living how you love.

the house looks like it’s been here forever.

the kitchen wing was added later. john decorates his chinking with a fringe of stones. a guest-room bedpost peeks out from the handmade window above.

guests awake to the scent of a crackling fire and coffee brewing in the kitchen below.

delicate green tendrils soften the conical light fixtures and industrial edge of the kitchen’s suspended shelf system, both designed and implemented by john, of course.

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a profusion of vines as well as tall pines lend natural insulation to the buildings’ thick log walls.

every rock in the living room’s fireplace was found on the property. an old leather fly-switch blanket, which once provided comfort for mules, is draped across the bottom of the dutch door leading into the compact bar. like so much in the house, it makes a graphic design statement while telling a story of the past.

john made the chandelier that hangs above the french market tables carolyn brought home from paris. aromatic cypress benches flank this central gathering spot.

carolyn came home one day to find this charming piano, a surprise gift from John.

the owners’ peaceful bedroom overlooks the pond.

books on chairs; books on stairs: the house inspires in every way; aesthetically, sensually, intellectually.

beauty everyday. work gloves form part of a still life, and utilitarian baskets seem almost sculptural.

linen is just one of the many neutral, natural textiles that carolyn’s used to great effect throughout the house.

mother nature’s lace, woven from vines, it is beautiful in every season.

the owners’ appreciation for nature is spelled out in no uncertain terms. this huge statement found its way home from rabun county.

a glorious maple seen through a wavy-glass window in the sleep-shed out behind the house.

written by nancy lendved, a freelance interiors writer and contributor to design sponge did a sneak peek of her amazing house a couple of years ago, you can see it here!

Katie G

Oh my. This is the closest to my dream home I’ve ever seen outside my own head. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing it!


one word… wow! I’m curious did they build the home themselves? How would a log home like this stand up to New England weather? I’m seriously considering it for my own.


i believe that this home was rescued from kentucky and brought to georgia where it now stands. they had it disassembled and moved ….then reconstructed it. john did much of the reconstruction by hand, including the making each window!
this little compound of reclaimed buildings has been a work of art for the past 30 years.

judith b.

This place feels so uncontrived, so honest, it hurts. Ah, the dreams one could have in that bedroom under the eaves…


I looooved the house and the way it has been lovingly decorated. I think you can never be unhappy in a place like this! Thanks for posting!


So beautiful I can’t stand it. Really. My heart hurts to look at these photos.


absolutely inspiring. such a beautiful place. i am more than envious of those who call it ‘home’.


wow! gives new meaning to cabin fever! absolutely pure unadulterated country home living. thanks for sharing Grace.