egg collective

good morning! i wanted to kick things off this morning with some beautiful designs from egg collection. egg is a group of designers (crystal ellis, julie scheu, hillary petrie, and stephanie beamer) who met in architectural school and have been working together on furniture designs ever since. i simply can’t get enough of their “stumped” lamps made from fallen sycamores and working light bulbs. gorgeous. there’s plenty more to see at their site, so click here for more information on egg collective’s work. [thanks, peter!]



How exciting to see some St. Louis-born action on here! Congrats ladies!


The sycamore lamps look neat, but I imagine its be easy to smash the exposed bulb – I mean, the stump looks like a tabletop, and a tabletop is a place to toss a book…

Pretty design, but not all that easy to live with. I’d rather see a really long branch (floor to ceiling maybe) with a bulb or three inserted nearer the top.


That second bookshelf featured is pretty too look at, but makes me cringe–it would ruin the binding on those paperbacks! I’m really anal about my books staying in pristine condition.

However, I’d totally put magazines in it without a problem.


Beautiful and functional works, i would love to own them all. I appreciate the mix of delicacy and strength in the materials used.


I love the lamp! How can I get one? Very creative, functional and BEAUTIFUL designs… I am a fan :)

Fresh Design Blog

Really enjoyed reading about their work. The stump lamps are very unusual and quite a contrast with the modern lines of the table and bookshelf.


i agree the second shelf makes me worried for the poor bookies – but its a great idea for magazines, or other bits!


Such unique furniture! These talented young women are bringing a new perspective to the design world. I need the pill table! I have passed along to friends as well.

John Blunt

I almost like both the stumps, and the inlaid table. My choice: natural edges and bark inclusions in the table, and a leg structure inspired by the stumps. The serving set inlay is a clever idea and could work into such a design departure, with the plates bridging across voids in places