diy project: toilet paper roll wall art

wall art_eco kids craft04
it’s not every day that you find a clever way to reuse something from the bathroom, but tali from growing up creative had a simple but beautiful idea that lets you reuse toilet paper rolls. whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon craft to do with little ones or just want to find a way upcycle old toilet paper rolls, this is a perfect afternoon project. i’m tempted to spray paint them in metallic colors to make a holiday-style arrangement…

CLICK HERE for the full instructions from tali below!


Toilet Paper rolls
White glue
Paint + brushes
Laundry pins


1. Crush paper roll

2. Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact

3. Place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns.

4. Glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may use a stapler as an alternative, what ever is easier. I find that glue is easier for the younger kids.

5. You may paint and add sparkles. Sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint, this way it will sticks and you wont need any glue.

6. You may expend the pattern in to an organic cell growth. The challenge is when to say STOP.

CLICK HERE for more images from Tali’s project! Thanks, Tali!

Laura H

Love this! I volunteer with a couple of after school programs teaching art to kids and this is perfect for them. Thanks for the project!


It looks like there are a few nails holding this in place on the wall. Is that correct?…I wonder what the best way to attach it to the wall is…


I LOVE this idea. I’m already thinking of ways I can incorporate this into a winter craft for my students…maybe snowflakes or a wreath! Very cool…love the suggestion about metallic paint too.

Erin Prais-Hintz

When I was about in 3rd grade we made snowflake ornaments from toothpicks, toilet paper rolls and lots of paint and glitter. It is still one of the best handmade ornaments that I have ever made! And I cherish that memory. I like this very much! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin


thanks G for posting this, and thanks everyone for all your comments. this was a fun project to make.

I hope you all enjoy this too.

paper rolls will never look the same to me.


as for attaching to the wall, i did use a couple of nails, another option is getting a plywood back, paint it and glue the art work on to the background.


YAY Tali! this reminds me of the window displays you used to do when we were still in school. glad to see to see you being recognized for your work. congrats.


What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing. You have a very inspirational blog by the way. It’s great!


this is great! it would especially beautiful on a wall that gets some sun – i imagine the shadows can be gorgeous.

thanks for sharing!


I love this! I was trying to think of affordable ways to spruce up our office decor. This is perfect! I love the idea of using metallic spray paint.

The New Bean

I worked for Anthorpologie for a few years and had the pleasure of helping out with and installation incredibly similar to this one. The only difference is that we used coffee cup sleeves instead of toilet paper rolls. To give a nice effect of color you can dab the ends in the paint of your choice! So pretty!


I LOVE this! I just got the strangest look from my roommate when I asked her to not throw away her next roll… hahaha!


This is the coolest idea ever!!! I love how this site is always coming up with great ideas like this to share!


For a Mad Tea Party I used toilet paper and paper towel rolls for the stalks of paper mache mushrooms. Everything can be reincarnated!

alex sunday

for no apparent reason at all (until now), i’ve been keeping toilet rolls for the past 6 months. now i just have to create a piece without my partner realising i intend to display toilet rolls on our walls. :)


If only there could be such wonderful and EASY DIYs all the time… so creative and inventive a use of things we buy and use every day! Thanks Tali… and thank you d*s for being a daily inspiration!


Great idea!
Everytime a roll gets empty, I always think ” Now what can I make with this” Now I know!


@joan – germs schmerms. no way jose. we worry too much about silly things like germs – i think this is a wonderful idea


yay i’ve been saving up my toilet paper tubes for this project, but lost the link. Thank you design sponge for reuniting me!


I’m working on a holiday version of this right now! I’m wrapping the pieces using mod podge as adhesive for the xmas ribbons we’ve had for ages. The ribbons give a nice festive shine; and when you put five red ones together in a star, they resemble poinsettias!

I’m planning to try doing snowflakes with white ribbon, and possibly some kind of wreath for our apartment door.

Oh, and if you want to make them green, I can vouch for floral tape. It works great and doesn’t need any extra adhesive!


Did this. Turned out great. Thanks so much DS for an easy and free way to get some art up on my walls while I am broke student!

Ashley Abrego

LOVE this idea! i’m saving up my empty rolls right now! thank you!


I’m really excited that such a simple (and cheap!) project looks so neat in finished product! I’d like to try this for a gaping space on my dining room wall…any ideas for stiffening up the cardboard so it’s not fragile? Is there any sort of spray shellac or something I could apply to the cardboard before painting? Thanks!


Thanks SO much – we started a “chain” of this design on an empty wall in the basement game room where we hang out the most. Guests are invited to add to it, so we have a funky kind of “memory wall” thing going – we love it!
Regarding previous comments – I hate to think that someone would skip this FAB project over a germ concern – use paper towel rolls instead of tp rolls if that makes you feel better!


love love love it!!! my creativity is jealous of yours!!


This is great – I’m the director of a non-profit art education center and we do a lot of after school programming where we have a limited supply budget – this would be perfect!


This will also be great for all the empty rolls of wrapping paper after Christmas!

contemporary metal wall art

This is such a nice project,and also one way of recycling products.If all people are knowledgeable enough to create stuff like this I’m sure many will gain profit.

Sandy Smith

This is great! I made mine in flower shapes. How do you suggest I attach them to the wall?


About the germs, i’ve seen quite a few times on the internet that the tubes can be sterilized with a quick blast in a microwave!

Maria Luisa Romero

Hi! i just love the idea. I’m excited to try it out.


Ok, I did it. It took a few months of saving up tp rolls, but this installation has been in the back of my mind since this post. I skipped the glue and just used tiny paper clips between each contact point. Works great, went together so fast and you can’t even see them beyond a few feet away.

contemporary metal wall art

This are impressive,who can even think that you can re use the holder of tissue paper and make it a wall decor.Truly being creative have a great sense to make our surroundings look beautifully.

Metal Wall Art

A very unique sense, Our creativity to change our place or make things different is one way of decorating and adds life to our walls.Metal wall art gives some accent view to your wall. Your idea is so ingenious.


I just made two of these, and it was so easy and fun, and a really great and cheap way to add some pizzazz to my walls!


any ideas on how to get the remnants off the rolls? having
a bit of trouble with that…

Metal Wall Art

What a brilliant idea! It was so easy to do. You don’t have
to spend much money by doing this, you just have to recycle those
toilet paper rolls. Good job!


Como dijo Tali…no volveré a mirar como antes los rollos de papel…realmente son muy creativos, buenisima idea.


How incredibly brilliant! I can’t wait to try it, but I’m going to cover my rolls with scrapbooking paper that suits my color combo in my craft room (hot pink, zebra, black & white). Thanks so much for the AWESOME idea!!!


I have LOADS of toilet paper rolls. I save them up and then donate them to a school, but don’t have anyone that I know of in need of them right now. So, my daughter and I will get to work on this project – love it!


Wow this is fantastic! I am looking for ideas for a headboard for a guest room and this is going to be one of the top ideas. Thanks

Carmen Russell

This is the best i have seen in a while,this is also a must try for me.


PAINT THIS when it’s done. You can paint it white, or colors to match your decor, sometimes crafts/paint stores have certain spray paints on sale/clearance, or my favorite spray is chrome, because it has such a neat look to it.


Dear Grace @ Design Sponge:


@Joan: Paper towel rolls do the same thing without the “ick” factor.

Also check out this Russian site- select English at the top menu, then scroll down to see the cut rolls:

I had my young group (K-2 It’s a small school) make a ripped paper collage in fall colors. Tomorrow we will stamp over that with cut up towel rolls in more fall colors (just like in the picture on this site.) I have 2 x3 inch cards cut from old file folders to stamp the veins and stems in the same colors as the leaves. Partners will do up to 10 stampings in one color, then rotate around the tables to another color. I’m very excited about this!



A question please. What type of paint do you recommend?


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