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diy project: sara’s crocheted plastic bag placemats

by Grace Bonney

Crocheted Place Mat from Plastic Bags_1
i’m still finishing up the book this morning, so i wanted to kick things off from with a fun diy project. d*s reader and crafting mom sara rivka dahan created these great crocheted placemats using leftover plastic bags from the grocery store. it’s not every day that you find a fun way to reuse those bags, and this is the perfect project to keep you busy on a cold winter day. CLICK HERE for the full instructions! thanks, sara!

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  • This is very pretty. Very similar to tote bags that I make (round and square), using a multitude of plastic bags and/or tableclothes.
    These are fun and quick to make. Very durable too. My mother used to make rugs and chair cushions.

  • you can find totes like this for sale at a super cute store in athens, ga called helix or you could last summer when i was there! great idea!! the red and white target bags make really cute ones.

  • My dear grandmother used to make these as rugs – they wash well and eventually just disintegrate (at least they do after a long Northern winter full of boot scuffing loggers coming in for coffee three times a day!) which solves the problem of landfill and waste issues! She did it out of necessity – maybe we should as well!

  • The color patterns reminds me of back home. The best thing about these are that they are sustainable. I’m a huge advocate of green design and appreciate stuff like this.

  • Wow, I never knew it was so easy to make plarn. I had pictured a very tedious method of making the bags into yarn…. I think I might be able to actually do this!. Her site has another cool project with plastic bags, coasters. You melt the bags together to make a thick plastic and you can put pretty designs in between the layers…I love simple-recycled crafts…thanks D*S!

  • another way to make the plarn faster is to use a mat & cutter. I stack the folded bags 3 high & 3 across. weigh them down with a cold iron or weight, and use the cutter to cut off the bottoms. then cut across all the bags, making 9 loops per cut. enjoy.