diy project: sara’s crocheted plastic bag placemats

Crocheted Place Mat from Plastic Bags_1
i’m still finishing up the book this morning, so i wanted to kick things off from with a fun diy project. d*s reader and crafting mom sara rivka dahan created these great crocheted placemats using leftover plastic bags from the grocery store. it’s not every day that you find a fun way to reuse those bags, and this is the perfect project to keep you busy on a cold winter day. CLICK HERE for the full instructions! thanks, sara!


Wow. I could actually do this. I could make, say 950 with the plastic bags in our kitchen closet alone!


my greatgrandmother used to make these with bread bags. we had what seemed like hundreds of them!


Wow! What a great way to recycle into something useful and So cute! Love it! THanks!


This is very pretty. Very similar to tote bags that I make (round and square), using a multitude of plastic bags and/or tableclothes.
These are fun and quick to make. Very durable too. My mother used to make rugs and chair cushions.


you can find totes like this for sale at a super cute store in athens, ga called helix or you could last summer when i was there! great idea!! the red and white target bags make really cute ones.


My dear grandmother used to make these as rugs – they wash well and eventually just disintegrate (at least they do after a long Northern winter full of boot scuffing loggers coming in for coffee three times a day!) which solves the problem of landfill and waste issues! She did it out of necessity – maybe we should as well!

Bryan Moore

The color patterns reminds me of back home. The best thing about these are that they are sustainable. I’m a huge advocate of green design and appreciate stuff like this.

Well Done Blog

Wow, I never knew it was so easy to make plarn. I had pictured a very tedious method of making the bags into yarn…. I think I might be able to actually do this!. Her site has another cool project with plastic bags, coasters. You melt the bags together to make a thick plastic and you can put pretty designs in between the layers…I love simple-recycled crafts…thanks D*S!


another way to make the plarn faster is to use a mat & cutter. I stack the folded bags 3 high & 3 across. weigh them down with a cold iron or weight, and use the cutter to cut off the bottoms. then cut across all the bags, making 9 loops per cut. enjoy.