diy project: canvas doily tote

19. CanvasBag
since it’s diy day (and the last day before thanksgiving- yay!) i wanted to kick things off with this gorgeous project from ashley campbell of ashley ann photography. using a standard paper doily as a stencil, she added this beautiful detail to a standard, inexpensive canvas bag. this would make for such a sweet and affordable holiday gift. fill with treats and you’re golden. CLICK HERE for the full project instructions.


What a wonderful idea! I think I’m going to use this technique to do some monogrammed throw pillows for Christmas gifts! Thanks!


LOVE this idea and the fact that it will be both time & cost effective to make for all my girlfriends this year. Thanks Ashley!


This is really beautiful! The contrast between the black and white is so pretty and I love the doily pattern. I never would have thought of this!


love this idea. i just might get 6 bags for my weekly market shopping and stencil C R A S H ! on them. soooo coool. or maybe just K on every one…


I tried it this weekend for Christmas presents and they turned out beautiful! Thanks designsponge!!


This one seems easier… I’m gonna DIY one for my mom~~She must be very surprised.Tnanks for the tutorial.


I decided to do this project for my bridal party instead of wrapping/gift-bagging their jewelry. It turned out great! Such a unique and useful gift. My only problem was the doilies I bought (same as instructed) had many smaller holes still closed up, so I had to use an exacto to punch them out before stenciling.


Good idea… but using the exact same paper doilies shown… they fall to pieces when the krylon adhesive is on the back and the craft paint is used on the top. Am I using the wrong type of stencil brush? I bought 6 bags to make so had lots of practice, moving quickly to remove the doily before the doilie was soaked… but every one left little paper pieces or the paint sopped underneath. Any advice?