chris delorenzo for grimis

i really miss the days when cd packaging was something that was a part of music buying. my first job out of college was at a record label and i remember going to a packaging meeting with an artist and having them basically tell him “don’t waste money on packaging, no one buys cds for art anymore.” i had to stop myself from yelling “not true!” but it seems that cd artwork is quickly being replaced by digital thumbnails and itunes-ready artwork. so i was happy to hear from artist chris delorenzo about a piece he did for the band grimis.

chris designed their album artwork and decided to focus on a contemporary spin on folk art. his hand-cut newsprint (on top of corrugated paper) is just gorgeous. how amazing would that be if you actually got the paper cutting with the cd? i’m assuming a photograph of the piece, but i would pay for the real deal if it came with the music. you can check out more images of the grimis artwork right here on chris’ site. thanks, chris!

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i love the album art. sometimes judging something by its cover is a good thing. and based on this, i’m already loving grimis.


I still buy cds over iTunes downloads because of the artwork. This is a gorgeous cover. I would give them a listen based on the artwork alone!



Buying lps is so much more satisfying… and the art is so much larger. I think most people who like to buy music as a holistic product – a feast for the eyes and the ears – have moved to record collecting.


We just hired Chris Delorenzo to do our window displays for our vintage lingerie store in NoLita. He did a FABULOUS job and I would recommend him to anyone!


I still buy CD’s…and the ‘Album Art’, liner notes are all part of the experienc for me. There is so much unique info on the liner notes from the artist or the band that is missed when you download songs. The album art ‘sets the tone’ for the music. Of all package / design professions this would be my dream job.


I agree with Kristina, lps are the best. They instantly give you a warm feeling. The record itself is very tactile. The album art is like a present which you can display in your house. I recommend a great looking (vintage) recordplayer to go with that!


I was just thinking the same thing regarding album artwork. So sad. It’s such an icon part of music and art history.

I remember buying an album by the Screaming Trees in the early 90s called “Uncle Anesthesia” simply because I loved the artwork. As it turns out, the artist was Mark Ryden. I never would have discovered the band nor the artist back in the day had it not been for the alluring album artwork.