amy sullivan quilts

d*s editor amy azzarito sent over a link to these beautiful quilts from painter amy sullivan. when i was younger i seriously hated quilts. they reminded me of damp dark basements and that mothball smell from your grandmother’s home. but as i’ve gotten older i find myself wanting to bring them into my home without worrying aaron that i’m going all “grandma” on him. these beautiful pieces from amy would be a great way to bring a modern quilt home- her color combinations and choice of imagery is so fresh. click here to see more of amy sullivan’s work and click here to email her about purchases. thanks, amy!


ashley akers

There are definitely tons of modern quilts out there! I’m planning a zig zag quilt for my couch in white, blues, greens and oranges. Of course my mom is the quilter, but I can come up with the ideas!


i LOVE quilts and have them all over my house. i understand the aversion, though–there is a certain pastel/country knick knack vibe that certain quilts give off and that i try to avoid.

these are amazing, and make me want to start going through my fabric stash for some interesting fabrics to start a winter project with!


Fantastic. I quilt, and I can only dream of someday producing something as interesting and gorgeous as these. I’d have any of them in my home. Thank you for sharing.


Those are really wonderful, the first one is absolutely perfect! So modern, the colors and the little cross give it a unique felling.


That blue one is amazing — first quilt I’ve ever seen that had attitude!!!


I love traditional quilts but it is fun to see a younger vibe in these quilts.
Hanging textiles can be difficult, and those red clips look interesting. Anybody know what they are?


I’m encouraged with your renewed spirit for quilting! I’ve only been quilting about 3 years, but I love it and recently started a blog with photos, etc. I plan to put your link on my blog too! :)


I am in love with each and every one! I have her flickr account saved- I have been thinking about buying a quilt!


Wow fabulous I guess you can call quilts going “grandma” if you mean lots of work and made with love! These quilts are so modern and the amount of work and design well my jaw dropped – a whole lotta inspiration going on there!


Beautiful with a bit of now for dash! I am always bemused how America with its image of go-to modernism still has this deep undercurrent of folk culture – wonderful, makes me love you! (I’m in Fremantle West Australia)


Loving quilting right now – So lovely, must take so much patience, these are masterpieces – very inspirational!