Hi. I’m Brooke Reynolds from the blog “inchmark” and I’m so happy to be posting here all this week. I’m a graphic designer and art director by trade, so I spend my time designing books, and doing work for great clients when I’m not at the park
with my kids.

My 5 year old son C started kindergarten this Fall and we’ve been spending lots of time sharpening pencils and practicing his handwriting. I love seeing him hunched over his paper, trying to get the letters just right. So I thought this week we could spend some time with our ABC’s. Each day I’ll focus on a different subject, today is all about ABC flashcards. I’m a bit of a sucker for a well designed set of ABC cards, which is why we have about 12 sets. Here are my favorites:

These animal cards hang in my daughter Bee’s room. From eeBoo, illustrated by Melissa

This set was originally designed for Martha By Mail, and I regretted not buying them when the catalog closed its doors. Luckily they were brought back as part of the Martha Stewart Crafts line.

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This vintage illustrated set by Cavallini & Co. were given to me when my son was born, now they hang above his bed.

These sign language cards are from Pottery Barn Kids. Sadly no longer available.

I was thrilled to find these cards featuring the work of Charley Harper.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our favorite ABC books.


I picked up the Martha set in anticipation of decorating a nursery for my upcoming first child. I love them but I’m stumped as to how to display them. How did you display the flash cards in C and Bee’s rooms?


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful creations for children. Am going to get some for my baby girl. : )


I’d like to know if you have any other ideas for displaying beautiful ABC flashcards. I have some in my basement just sitting there because I can’t think of anything worthy of them yet.

Michelle Aller

My two-year-old loves her Eric Carle set. I too would love to see how you displayed yours!


I so love the Charley Harper ones. I would have never had known about them if it wasn’t for you! Thanks for the tip.


Hi Whistlepea, I just attached the cards in a grid to my daughter’s wall. They sit above her bed in a grid, 7 wide for 3 rows, and then the last row has 5 instead of 7, centered.

I tried a number of different sticky tapes and like the 1″ mounting squares that are made of foam the best. We use the removable kind so they won’t rip the paint off the walls when we need to take them down.

And k.c., I bought the handwriting pad at Pottery Barn Kids, but I don’t see them there anymore. It’s the perfect size for kindergarten handwriting, and we’ve loved it.


Hi, I tried the Martha Stewart Crafts website but couldn’t find the cards – am I missing something? Anyone has any luck?


My daughter was given the eeboo set when she was born. She loves to look through them and I love the illustrations on them. Don’t know if I’ll ever get them up on a wall displayed.
Also, i love the Charlie Harper ABC cards too. They’re a find for sure. Thanks for sharing your favorites. They’re all great.