ABC wrapping ideas

Here’s an easy way to wrap gifts that look great but take just a few minutes. First you’ve got to have a few things on hand (I try to keep these stocked at all times): tissue paper in good colors, seam binding (I love the colors at, alphabet stencils (available at any office supply store), metal ring tags, candy dots, and rub on letters or alphabet stickers [available in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store].

First wrap your papers in white tissue paper, then a second layer of colored tissue paper (the white tissue makes the colors more vibrant). For the gift on the top left: Pick an alphabet stencil that is the first initial of the recipient, back with white paper and attach it to your gift with double sided tape. Then cut two lengths of seam binding and wrap each around the top and bottom of the stencil, taping the ribbons ends together at the back. For the gift on the top right: Take a metal ring tag and spell the recipients name with small rub down letters (I used these from Martha Stewart Crafts in brown. For the gift on the bottom right: Cut out the first initial of the recipient out
of candy dots (some letters are definitely easier than others, but you can also do numbers!) and attach to the gift with double stick tape. For the gift on the bottom left: Spell out the name of the recipient with small alphabet stickers on a simple white tag (you can also cut your own tag if you don’t have any on hand).

These cards work for adults and children alike, and you can change the color scheme to suit almost any occasion.



love love love!!! these are adorable! thanks for helping me figure out how to add a special touch to all of the gifts coming up in the next few months!!


I love this idea especially for Christmas, unfortunately all our names started with “M” so I can’t do just the letter. I typically have to pick one wrapping paper per person and remember who’s is who’s Christmas morning so there is no peeking. ;0)

Dee Wilcox

This is an adorable idea – I love it! And the tip about putting white paper underneath – makes all the difference!


Well that figures, these are just some of the cutest wrapping ideas I have seen in a long time. And now the holidays are over. Good thing I have a batch of birthdays coming up in the next couple of months!