ABC card

Thank you Grace for letting me spend the week here! For my last post I
decided to make an ABC birthday card with a PDF you can download and
make yourself.

We have a birthday tradition in our family we’ve been doing since we
were kids. We go around the dinner table and each person takes a letter
of the alphabet, and we say something nice about the birthday girl/boy.
A is for Artistic! B is for the Beautiful! We go around and around the
table until we get to Z (which can be a difficult letter, you have to
get creative). You can mention a favorite memory, or something that
reminds you of that person, but it has to involve your letter.

My family is now scattered across the country. So I thought this ABC
card might be a nice way to keep our tradition going, even when we’re
apart for birthdays. Coming up with 26 things on your own can be tough,
so I only recommend making this card for people you know quite well!


To get started: Download the PDF which includes
all 26 letters. For each card you’ll need seven sheets of cardstock.
Print your cards on a color printer. Cut each page into 4 cards by
following the trim marks. Write one special trait or memory for each
letter. Wrap with ribbon and mail to the birthday boy/girl in a sturdy
envelope. It’s almost as good as being there in person.



thank you! thank you! thank you! My mother is an invalid so shopping for her is limited (how boring to buy pj’s and robes over and over – she doesn’t wear jewelry any more and knick-knacks are useless in a home filled with a lifetime’s collection). So I am always looking for interesting ideas for sentimental gifts, because at this point in her life those are the BEST!


this IS awesome! thank you for the inspiration and the great pdf. I am going to make it into a mini book for my neice :)


I love this! what a heartfelt, thoughtful gift idea. thanks for sharing the pdf file of your cards, I will definitely be using it! I’ve loved your posts and all your great links this week! thanks!


p.s. I might just have to borrow that tradition too, what a fun memory for your family!


Wow. I love the family tradition, and love the way you’ve captured it in these cards. Thanks so much for creating this for all of us!


Oh thank you – these will be useful in so many many ways! Sounds like a great tradition to start I can see my kids having fun!


Wow this is a really great idea! Since I live abroad, away from all family and friends, I guess I will be using it quite a lot :-D

Nicole Hannah

This is something that (I think) can easily be adapted for teaching alphabet to kids. Who cares that D is for Dog? In our house D is for Daddy, doll, and David (our neighbour). It looks like there is enough space to write whichever words we want for each letter. Thanks!


I love them. Such a perfect idea. I am definitely going to use those a lot. In my language (Norwegian) we have three more letters, so I’ll just have to make some extra cards myself to include those :) Thanks for sharing :)


I LOVE this idea! It’s so sweet and charming, and for a lot of people it would be much more meaningful than a store-bought gift. This is totally going on my list of gift ideas :)


Such a beautiful idea. I know I am just repeating all the above but I am so moved and inspired I just wanted to thank the designer for sharing and Grace for posting. I look forward to reading through different sets for different years – what a unique and special time capsule. Thank you!


Oh Brooke, they are wonderful.
Thank -you!
Now all I need is your lovely handwriting …


Love the cards!! I downloaded them and am thinking about filling them out for my closest friends and family as (inexpensive but hopefully lovely) Christmas presents. Thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing this…i will be doing this as a “reason’s i miss you” for my husband who is deployed to iraq…


I tried to download the cards but the link is broken :(



our ftp site kicked the bucket so i’m slowly trying to re-upload every file that used to live there. i’ll email the guest blog author of this post and see if they still have the file..



Just bounced to this post from Joy Ever After, and also wasn’t able to download the pdf. I’ll check back to see if it gets up and running again. Thanks!


The pdf link didnt work, can you send it to me. THanks.


Is there any way I can get the pdf? Would love to use this for a project.


the pdf didn’t work, any chance you could send this to me please? :)

awesome stuff!


I would love to get the pdf. Would you please send it to me?

Love this project!


I would LOVE love love the pdf too… please send it. THANK YOU deeply.


Hi there….any word on this pdf? I would love to print this out too….

Lisa Bendall

can’t get pdf for alphabet book Could you send it my way. I’d love to use it

Laurie Hodson

Can’t seem to find the abc birthday card pdf. Hopefully it is still available. Thanks, Laurie

Erica Tescher

Would LOVE this pdf.. I hope it’s still available ~ Happy Holidays : )


If you find the file, I would love to have these for all of the birthdays that will be rolling around soon. What a wonderful idea!


Love these! My family live away too so a great idea – might take me a while to think of every letter.

Like everyone else please can i beg for a copy to be emailed to me? thanks x.

Gina Keating

Hi, Grace. I’m having trouble with the letter “G,” of course the first letter in my name! Only half prints, and I was wondering if you have a solution for me.
Blessings, Gina


Never mind, I forgot our Firefox is messed up and just used Safari. :)