15 uses for newsprint

good morning! i’m so happy that it’s friday because this will be my first non-working weekend since september- woohoo! i wanted to kick off friday’s posts with this great series of posters from artists at greenpoint’s pencil factory studios. “15 uses for newsprint” is a promotional newsprint poster zine by 16 of the artists in the pencil factory. i love too many of them to run here, so i’ll just send you to their site so you can check out the full set and shop online. it’s a really fantastic collection of artwork for only $10, check it out (and click here to check out all the spreads, with artists listed below, on flickr! thanks to alex for the tip!



i should be receiving a poster by one of the artists, jillian tamaki, in the mail soon! she mailed out free posters for the first 12 people who commented on her blog. i’m super excited!

Ashley CF

Too cool! I already bought my set. I kept trying to read if it was really for all the prints… amazing :) Thank you so much for this post!

Now I need some frames… lol!


At first glance I thought these were tea towels! They would be beautiful printed onto linen….

Fresh Design Blog

Like Veta, when I first looked at this post I was convinced these were tea towels. They’re lovely posters – the last one is my favourite


These look similar to Showpaper, a NYC based concert listing newspaper. If you find these interesting, i’d recommend checking out showpaper as well! : )