we like it wild: papaver vert

One of the best things about writing this column is now we have an excuse to get to know some of our favorite artists better. Patty Benson of Papaver Vert is a great example: Jill first stumbled upon Patty’s felted wool bowls a few years ago and instantly fell for the amazing quality and beautiful texture of her work. These vessels and bowls are a perfect display when cold weather rolls around, lending an instant cozy feel to whatever is placed inside them. And with Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, we thought Patty’s newest round vessel (she’s been a bit obsessed with pods and seeds lately) would make a playful substitute for a pumpkin with the addition of some pretty vines!

On a little island across from San Francisco we were lucky enough to meet up with Patty at her Alameda home/workshop. Up until a few years ago Patty was paying her bills the old-fashioned way: a nine-to-five job that left her feeling less than fulfilled. Although she has a background in fashion and has worked creatively at both Old Navy and Crate & Barrel, the corporate life was not agreeing with her. It was only when a friend taught her how to crochet that things clicked in to place and she found herself wondering if there wasn’t a better way to make a living. A few experiments with wool felting were inspirational, and she took the plunge.

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“I thought if I could work so hard for someone else, I should be able to work just as hard for myself,” Patty tells us in her workshop a few feet from her kitchen. Like most people who decide to start a business out of their home, she had to decide between dining table and desk. Lucky for us, the desk won out, and with the addition of some really cool industrial lockers snagged from her husband’s work she has the perfect storage spot for her yarn and supplies. Patty now works part-time as an antique rug restorer and the rest of her days as the sole employee and owner of Papaver Vert.

The journey from yarn to bowl is a multi-step process: Patty crochets the shape she wants, performs the felting process with the help of her washer and dryer, uses molds to shape and dry her pieces, and finally trims the excess fuzz for a sculptural vessel that is both fun and elegant. Each piece looks flawless; you won’t find an errant knot or a hair out of place. Patty’s modern color combinations run the gamut from festive fall colors and cool grays, to bright jewel tones. Her line of felted goodies includes vessels, pods, coasters, bracelets, pillows…and we thought her next new product should be “the dog beret” (she fashioned one from a scrap for lil’ boy to sport during our visit and we think he kind of liked it)!

Almost all of Patty’s vessels can be used to display plants and flowers, you just need to nestle a small vase/can/liner inside first. We love using the shallow bowls to create a garden of small succulents or to rest a single cut echeveria inside. The bud vases are great for assembling small collections of autumn bits. It’s hard to choose, but our favorite piece is probably the tall nesting bowl set; you can slip a small plant inside one, fill another with dried moss or nuts, and place a beautiful berry sprig in the last to form a display with instant cohesion. Happy Fall!



I have serious lust for these. I want one in every color. Just perfect


love the succulents in the vessels. i have one that i use to toss keys, lotions, the garage opener, etc. into by the front door. Makes everything look a lot more organized.

DC Sarah

i am completely and utterly inspired by both her story and her felt lovelies!


i’ve admired her work for awhile. it’s just beautiful. and she chooses the best colors… lovin’ that orange. pam


Really perfect materials for this season and a very nice story too. Love how everything looks! So nice.


The dog beret looks adorable – now he has his frenchie costume for Halloween!


Love this behind the scenes look at one of my favorite artists! Thanks studio Choo!

p.s. Little Boy looks adorable in his beret.


as usual you both have made my thurday extra special. thank you for this amazing feature. i have just started felting and this is a real inspiration! :-)


Studio Choo and Papaver Vert are a great combination! I’d very much like any and all of those arrangements on my mantle right now.

Miss Maria

I love it all! I have a few of her pieces and they transform any room I put them in.


I have one of your bracelets which I just adore!!! I get so many compliments when I wear it. Your work is so inspiring.


Patty’s colors are gorgeous! I just came from her website, her pieces are so original. Nice photos, another wonderful post Studio Choo!

Deborah Flate

OK how amazing are these? These are just wonderful! I now know what I am going to get for Xmas gifts!!!! Love the dog, too! I need that hat for my little guy!


OMG!!! Patty is the most creative and fantastic person you’ll ever meet. Congrats for making on one of our favorite blogs. Love your new work.

xo from nyc~jillian


Thanks so much everyone!!! It’s been a thrill to be on D*Sponge, especially with the gals of Studio Choo. I love their work and what they did with my designs :)
Thanks gals!


I have one of Patty’s vases and I luuurve it! There are some designs here that I have not seen and I want them now.