we like it wild: our week

We knew we were going to be busy with events, weddings, consultations, and walkthroughs last week so we decided to keep it simple for our new post and just bring you along.

Fall was unavoidable at the market…arrangements for the week included bittersweet, oak leaves with tiny acorns, roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and amaryllis.

We cleaned and organized our acquisitions from a recent Reno thrifting vacation. The theme for the trip seemed to be white, silver, and our favorite of all- gold. When we go hunting we try to narrow our focus to just a few kinds of things (color/shape/size) to avoid being completely overwhelmed.

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Laboratory Installation Part Two created for a Junior League of San Francisco event at a private residence on Pacific Street. Every time we visit this incredible space we fantasize about what our parties would be like if we lived there.

Pee Wee helped sweep the studio floor.

Dropped off fall bounty at Rare Device for the opening of Binding Constant.

Fell in love with the glittering gold at the China Cabin. This refurbished Victorian lounge sits right on the water and has amazing views inside and out. The wedding colors were mostly white and green with touches of yellow, pale pink, and peach. Go check this place out if you are planning a small event in the SF Bay Area, you like a sea breeze, and you are into beautiful gold details.

Succulent planting for delivery in a large tuck pot from Pigeon Toe Ceramics. Have you seen her new pharmacy bottles?

Finished out our week with a site walkthrough for an upcoming wedding at Headlands Center for the Arts. Good night!



Great thrift store finds! Your flowers has taken you guys to some very gorgeous locations, thanks for bringing us along!


thanks for the pics of the china cabin! i grew up nearby and didn’t know it existed. we could have such a gorgeous, elegant wedding there.


it was funny to see the white bubble vases – my mom as the same one as the 3rd from the left! Beautiful Flowers!

Rachel Goldilocks

Gorgeous finds! I just thrift shopped my way across the USA on a vintage hunting road trip (see pics on my blog!)– and Reno was seriously my favorite thrifting destination!! Thanks for bringing back the glorious memories…

Chloe Warner

omg – that third bouquet was sent to me from my husband! I loved loved loved it, and am tickled to see a pic. You guys are bomb.


I must say that as a floral designer your website has brought me to tears. It is amazing to see creativity collaborating with nature in such a way that leaves people speechless and
dumbfounded… and this is what your site has done. Amazing work… just simply amazing. You have just made my day. thank you.